Friday 28 June 2013

Utterly adorable Ibis Snuggling Bunnies.

We have stayed at Ibis Hotels a number of times, especially when visiting Lee’s family in Leeds.  We have always found Ibis to be pleasant and affordable accommodation that is perfect for our family’s needs.  Ibis Hotels are perfect for our budget and we have found their cosy rooms to be ideal for relaxing in and getting a good night’s sleep after a busy day visiting family and having adventures. 

Bug loves staying at Ibis, his first ever experience of staying at a hotel was at an Ibis Hotel.  He loves snuggling to sleep on the comfy mattresses and having a little holiday away from home.  Even though the affordable prices, comfortable rooms and yummy breakfasts are appealing a big bonus for us that has helped keep us returning to stay is the friendly service we have experienced during every stay at Ibis.

As we stay at Ibis often I was excited to here that they are introducing new beds at their hotels.

After seeing Ibis’ new advert ‘Ibis Snuggling Bunnies’ I could not resist sharing such an adorable advert which stars a number of snuggly, fluffy bunnies. 

Watching the video with me, Bug declared that he wanted mummy to get him a bunny and with the stars of the advert being utterly irresistible I am more than a little tempted to get an adorable fluffy bunny for me him.

As Bug has watched the uber-cute bunnies in the video a number of times now (and I can foresee a lot more requests to see the snuggly bunnies) the only problem now is that when we stay at Ibis he will be expecting to have lots of cute bunnies to play with and snuggle to sleep with during our stay.  

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