Friday 28 June 2013

British Chesterfield Sofas....sigh!

Before meeting Lee and having Bug, pre-parenthood, my living room was mess free, without a toy in sight and filled with gorgeous furniture and beautiful ornaments.  I loved filling my home with things I loved the look of, following no particular style or theme I simply wanted to surround myself with things I considered gorgeous and appealing to my eye.

After a few terrible years suffering from depression I was finally enjoying creating a space I loved and wanted to spend time in.  I loved searching charity, brick-a-brack and antique shops for beautiful items to add to my home.

When I was attempting to create a beautiful home, I had my heart set on getting a new sofa to replace the tatty old, second hand sofa I had.  I was slowly saving up to buy a stunning Chesterfield sofa to be the heart of my living room.

I was still saving up to get my dream sofa when I met Lee.  During our whirlwind romance my plans of saving up to buy a Chesterfield sofa was abandoned and I put my ‘sofa fund’ money towards adventures with Lee.

When we found out we were expecting Bug the plans to get a gorgeous Chesterfield sofa was well and truly put on the back-burner as we needed every spare penny for baby items and I thought it would be a silly idea to get a brand new sofa when I fully expect for Bug to create many messes and spills over the years.  Instead of a gorgeous Chesterfield sofa we settle with my tatty old one until we could get a slightly less tatty second hand sofa from a local furniture store.

I still dream of a stunning Chesterfield sofa and hopefully when Bug (and any other children we have) is older and less likely to cause a mess we will have a beautiful Chesterfield sofa proudly adorning our living room.

As the hope of having a Chesterfield sofa in the future is still alive I am always on the lookout for companies who produce Leather Chesterfield Sofas.  So when I heard about a company called British Chesterfield Sofas I was keen to learn more about their range of sofas and bookmark their website for future use.

British Chesterfield Sofa do not simply produce standard leather Chesterfield sofas, their Chesterfield sofas are unique to the individual client with dimensions, colour and material interchangeable making no two British Chesterfield sofa the same.

I love the idea of a quality Chesterfield sofa with a modern twist.  British Chesterfield Sofas provide clients with a choice of over 12 different types of materials including Leather, Chenille, Velvet, Linen, Cord and 100% natural Cotton.  Not only do clients have a choice of materials but they also have a choice of colours, with 10 to 15 colours to choose from in each material.  But that is not all; clients can also choose what width, length, height and depth they want for their unique British Chesterfield Sofa.

If you like me have a desire for a gorgeous Chesterfield Sofa and appreciate quality and custom craftsmanship click here at to get a quality Chesterfield sofa created exactly how you imagined your dream Chesterfield sofa to be.

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