Wednesday 10 July 2013

Capturing special moments - Panasonic Camcorders and Remote Shooting technology.

Since having Bug my love of photography and videography has become an integral part of my daily life.  I love taking photos and videos of Bug, capturing moments to treasure forever.  As well as capturing moments of daily life I particularly love capturing special moments such as Bug’s firsts and milestone achievements, his birthdays, Christmas and special occasions.

As I love using videos and photos to capture moments of our family life I appreciate new technology that makes capturing moments in our life even easier.  Panasonics new camcorders for 2013 do just that, making it even easier to capture videos thanks to their remote shooting technology and Wi-Fi capability.

The Panasonic UK video “Why camcorders love Wi-Fi – 1. Remote shooting” perfectly highlights the benefit of using their remote shooting technology to capture special moments, showing the technology and camcorder being used to capture a birthday moment for the family to treasure for years to come.

The video has made me love the technology so much I now have a yearning desire to have a new Panasonic camcorder so that I can make use of the remote shooting and capture many moments on video.

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