Monday 8 July 2013

Big Night In - Moneysupermarket challenge.

Many moons ago I used to love a big night out, partying and drinking the night away.  After a number of years of hard partying I hung up my party shoes.  Even though I put my wild partying ways behind me and gave up drinking alcohol, becoming a teetotaller, I still loved a night out.  Instead of hitting the pubs and clubs for a night out I loved going to restaurants for lovely meals with friends and family, going to the cinema and going to a comedy show or watching a gig. 

When I met Lee we shared a love of going to the cinema, comedy shows and music performances and we enjoyed many a big night out together.  When I was 9 months pregnant we had an amazing time watching Jimmy Carr’s Laughter Therapy show at the Swansea Grand Theatre.

Then our love bug was born and along with him came sleepless nights and our big nights out disappeared.  

Sadly since Bug was welcomed into the World Lee and I have not even had one night out together.  Even though we would love a big night out together for a fun date night going to a comedy show or the cinema, we do love a night in too and the bonus of a night in is we do not have to try and find a babysitter.   Unfortunately with Lee’s busy work life lately it is rare that we can spend the whole night together.

So when I was given the opportunity to take part in’s Big Night In challenge I jumped at the chance and hoped it would give us a good excuse for Lee and I to enjoy a big night in together.  Moneysupermarket have devised this challenge as they "reckon staying in is the new going out" and are challenging bloggers to them how much fun can be had with £50 to have a night in.

As Lee was not working a late shift for a change and would be back home early one evening we planned on having a date night, spending some quality time together with a yummy take-away and a few films.

By chance our ‘date night’ coincided with my friend’s night out on a date with a new love interest.  As we both had a date night looming we decided to get together to relax, pamper and prepare ourselves for our hot dates.

With plans of gossiping and pampering I had to make sure our chocolate supply was plentiful.

I also baked some choc-tastic cupcakes that Bug beautifully decorated with little sugar stars.

We enjoyed yummy drinks in up cycled chic jam jars.

Sticking to my teetotaller ways I enjoyed a non-alcoholic summer fruits cocktail whilst my girl was enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

In the summer heat my drink was refreshing with the sweet strawberry the perfect finishing touch to my summer fruits cocktail.

To balance out our chocolaty treats I got us some refreshing fruit to enjoy.

The refreshing watermelon and delectable strawberries were the perfect fruity treat for the hot weather.

Strawberries and cream…..delicious. 

Bug could not resist the strawberries, insisting on having them with running cream and using his fingers to devour the juicy strawberries and runny cream.

With a bellyful of strawberries and cream Bug was a happy little boy.

Whilst enjoying chocolaty treats and yummy fruit we relaxed in the sun and pampered ourselves with face masks and painted our nails ready for our dates later on that evening.

When mummy was attempting to beautify herself Bug enjoyed splish splashing in the paddling pool.

After a lovely relaxing afternoon and early evening pampering ourselves we were both ready for our dates.  

Lee was pleased when he arrived home after a long, hard day of work that I had catered for his tastes and picked up some ale for him to enjoy.

For our big date night in Lee had picked up a tasty Indian take away for us to enjoy together.

I loved the very tasty mixed kebab starter.

We both enjoyed a chicken korma with pilau rice and a peshwari naan.

After a scrummy Indian take away we snuggled up on the sofa to watch a few films we had rented.  As films were on the agenda we of course had to indulge in some popcorn.

Lee created a romantic atmosphere with lots of candles flickering in the darkness.

Lee also indulged my love of romance by renting us one of my of my favourite romantic films, ‘The Notebook’ and stringing beautiful flower fairy lights around the TV so they twinkled and sparkled attractively in the dark as we watched the film.

With Bug still sleeping soundly we satisfied Lee’s love of horror films and watched a scary film.

After a fun girly catch up and some much needed pampering and relaxation I had a great date night in with Lee and it was fantastic to spend some quality time together thanks to’s Big Night In challenge.   Thanks to Moneysupermarket for the £50 which treated us to choc-tastic treats, delicious fruit, face masks, a yummy take-away (we have not had one in ages so it was extra yummy) and a few films.

My tips for a fabulous big night in are - 

*  Take turns picking what films to watch so that everyone's film tastes and likes are catered for.
*  Use props to make the night a touch more special than an ordinary night at home, i.e. candles and lighting for a romantic atmosphere, decorations for a themed night etc.
*  Relax and enjoy

*  This is my entry to the Moneysupermarket Big Night In challenge competition, I was provided with £50 to take part and have a big night in.  By taking part I am entered into the competition where one lucky winner will get £500 *

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