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eco2life cleaning products review.

I have always endeavoured to use eco-friendly products and since becoming a parent I think a lot more about the products I use.   In particular, now that I have a little one and cleaning has become even more paramount than before I think twice about what cleaning products I use.  As I now strive to use products that are eco-friendly and contain as little chemicals as possible for the inevitable chore of cleaning, I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to review some eco-friendly cleaning products from eco2life.

eco2life produce a range of eco-friendly cleaning products that are inspired by an Australian idea that became prominent over 15 years ago.  With an aim to keep true to the original idea “to create an environmentally sustainable cleaning system using ingredients derived from corn, sugar cane, coconut, vegetables and citric acids” eco2life have created a range of cleaning products with ingredients that are naturally derived.

“eco2life is a 21st century product with a 21st century eco-conscience…a range of eco green products designed to pioneer new standards in environmental cleaning.  eco2life's environmentally friendly cleaning products include a refillable glass cleaner, a refillable bath cleaner, a refillable floor cleaner and a refillable multi surface cleaner.  Four green household cleaning products each specially formulated from naturally derived, eco-friendly ingredients to deliver high class cleaning performance…but with a smaller carbon footprint”.

I love the sound of eco2life’s eco green cleaning products and I particularly love their ethos of creating cleaning products that are eco-friendly in more ways that simply consisting of eco-friendly ingredients.

“So…how do we go beyond the eco-friendly ingredients to create an entire eco-friendly cleaning system that ticks all the green clean boxes?
Easy.  We start by leaving out one of the world's most precious resources…water.  Many green cleaning products are mostly water.  Water is heavy…and it's bulky. It requires lots of packaging and makes major demands on transport and distribution.  Instead, our eco cleaning system uses 'Small Wonders'.
'Small Wonders' are little bottles of cleaning solution which you dilute at home with ordinary tap water…to make a full bottle of ready-to-use eco2life eco cleaning product.
Next comes the bottle that we provide for the ready-to-use solution.  It's made of a plastic which means it can be used 10 times…and has a trigger that's been tested for up to 10,000 sprays.  That's long life performance.  But we're not resting on our laurels.  We're always researching…always developing…in the search for even greener bottles to use.
And, last but not least, comes other essential packaging.  The philosophy is simple.  If it's not needed, we don't use it.  But, however hard we try, some outer packaging is inevitable.  Even then, we make sure that whatever card or paper we are forced to use is fully FsC and PEFC accredited and widely recyclable.
In fact, every aspect of the product and the packaging is carefully sourced with the environment and ethical consumers in mind.  So eco2life is the perfect way to keep your home spotlessly clean without leaving your mark on the planet!”

eco2life’s philosophy is green, clean and simple.

With an ethos I whole heartily admire I was excited about seeing whether the ec02life eco-friendly, green cleaning products had a cleaning power to match their powerful eco-friendly attitude.  I received eco2life’s 4 green household cleaning products; a multi-surface cleaner, bath and shower cleaner, glass cleaner and floor cleaner.  In the set I was sent I had 4 empty 500ml reusable spray bottles and 4 50ml ‘small wonders’ refill bottles.

I love the fact that eco2life green cleaning products contain naturally derived biodegradable ingredients and are free from nasty chemicals –
*No Phosphates
*No Silicate or Caustics
*No Petroleum Solvents
*No Paragons
*Chlorine Free

As well as appreciating the fact that the cleaning products do not contain nasty chemicals and that their bottles are 100% recyclable I love the fact that the eco2life cleaning products are safe to use around children, pregnant women and animals.

“The combination of low volatile organic compounds/no fumes, a neutral pH level, no known Carcinogens or health effects mean these products are a safe choice for use in the home”.

I love eco2life’s simple refill and reuse system, in 3 easy steps the green clean products are ready to use –
1.  Fill the 500ml reusable spray bottle with water until it is ½ full.
2.  Pour the 50ml ‘small wonders’ solution into the spray bottle and fill it up to the top with water.
3.  Secure the top on the bottle, shake well and start cleaning.

Multi-surface cleaner.
As the name suggests this cleaner can be used all over the house on different surfaces and for different cleaning jobs.  I like using multi-surface cleaners as they are so versatile and the eco2life multi-surface cleaner is brilliant at cleaning a variety of different messes and surfaces.  No cleaning job has been too big for the multi-surface cleaner and it leaves surfaces smelling fresh and clean with a fragrant hint of a lemon and ginger.  The eco2life multi-surface cleaner is made using naturally blended coconut, corn and vegetable derivatives with a lemon and ginger fragrance.

Glass cleaner.
I struggle to find a glass cleaner that I like with many either containing chemicals that irritate my skin or leave glass streaky so I was keen to see whether the eco2life glass cleaner would be kind to my skin and make everything sparkle with no streaks in sight. 

Made with ingredients derived from coconut and vegetables the glass cleaner has a lovely lemon and ginger fragrance.  Thanks to the naturally derived ingredients the glass cleaner has not irritated my skin and I am pleased to say it has left my mirrors and windows sparkling.

Floor cleaner.
I like that compared to other floor cleaners the eco2life floor cleaner does not contain traditional chemicals; containing instead ingredients derived from nature.  The floor cleaner is made using ingredients derived from corn, coconut and vegetables with a lemon and ginger fragrance that leaves floors smelling clean with a delicate lemon and ginger aroma.

I found it a bit weird at first to be using a floor cleaner that uses a spray trigger system as I am used to using floor cleaners that you tip into a bucket of water but I can see the benefit of using a spray trigger system is that you will reduce the amount of water you normally use to clean your floors.  I am learning to love this new way of cleaning my floors and I find it particularly useful if I need to clean up spills or small messes as it saves having to waste a bucket full of water and floor cleaner for a small job.  Spraying the floor cleaner directly onto the worst soiled areas of the floor is great for making it easy to remove grime and dirt when cleaning floors, giving a flawlessly clean floor every time.

Bath and shower cleaner.
I hate cleaning the bathroom as all bathroom cleaners I have used are harsh on my skin and have a strong chemical smell that I hate.  As Eco2Life’s Bath and Shower cleaner is specially formulated with naturally derived ingredients I was hoping to have finally found a bathroom cleaner that would leave my bathroom sparkling clean without the need for harsh chemicals and abrasives that would affect my skin and leave a pungent chemical smell.

Thankfully for my skin the Eco2Life Bath and Shower cleaner does not irritate my skin and is a welcome change to the harsh bathroom cleaners I have previously tried.  The cleaner is also kind to my nose and rather than a chemical smell often associated with bathroom cleaners it has instead a pleasant lemon and ginger fragrance.

Even though it is fantastic that the bathroom cleaner is kind to my skin and nose it is also important that the cleaner made using ingredients derived from coconut, sugar cane, vegetables and citric acid is also effective at cleaning, which thankfully it is.  I am very impressed with the cleaning power that the Eco2Life Bath and Shower cleaner has especially considering it is made using naturally derived ingredients.  It removes dirt and grime easily and effectively, leaving our bathroom sparkling clean with a fresh clean scent and a subtle hint of lemon and ginger.

I am very impressed with all of the cleaners and would highly recommend them.  All of the cleaners smell the same to me which is surprising as they are for different cleaning chores but even though I would expect a different fragrance I like the fresh clean smell with a subtle hint of lemon and ginger that they all leave.  I love the fact that the cleaners are kind to my skin and that they are effective cleaning products that are safe to have around the house.  I am very happy with the cleaning results with all of the products cleaning effectively and leaving a clean sparkle.  I also appreciate the fact that the cleaners are made using naturally derived ingredients and are made in the UK.

Most of all I love eco2Life’s eco-friendly ethos and their unique refill and reuse system which is not only easy to use but also dramatically reduces land fill and requires less packaging.  You can purchase eco2life's cleaners on the eco2life website with starter packs costing £3.50 for a 5oml refill and a 500ml reusable spray bottle which I think is great value for money, additional refills cost £2.50.  Currently on the eco2life website you can purchase a special offer cleaning box which contains one 500ml reusable spray bottle per cleaner, 2 of each 50ml refills and 4 different coloured high quality micro fibre clothes that are worth £5.99 for the fantastic price of £9.99 (plus £5.00 delivery).

Planet Earth eco2life ‘The brilliantly simple refill system’!  

More information about eco2life.  

* We were sent these eco2life cleaners to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions  *

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