Monday 1 July 2013

Clothes shopping for myself......what is that again?

After shopping for an outfit the other day for an upcoming family friend’s wedding I realised that it was the first outfit I had bought myself in ages.  Realising how long it had been since I bought myself new clothes other than underwear and pyjamas shone a huge light of reality on the fact that I do not really bother much with my appearance.  Thinking about how long it has been since I bought myself some clothes I realised that it was in fact over 2 years ago when Bug was a little baby in my ever expanding pregnant belly that I last bought some clothes when I treated myself to some lovely maternity dresses.

When Bug was born I carried on wearing a lot of maternity clothes and soon found I could fit into my wardrobe of pre-pregnancy clothes.  As I could wear the clothes I had before my pregnant belly popped out I did not had a need to buy new clothes except nursing bras. 

Over the last 2 years I have not really had a need to buy clothes and with being a family on a budget I have wanted to use whatever spare money we have on buying clothes and toys for Bug as well as go on family days out rather than selfishly buy myself clothes when I already have a wardrobe of clothes that suffice.  Also since having Bug, apart from going out as a family for days out or to children-orientated places I do not go out, in fact Lee and I have not had a night out together for a ‘date night’ away from the house since I was pregnant.

Even though I have no particular need for new clothes and I would still rather use our ‘spare’ money to treat Bug rather than myself I have decided that I need to make more of an effort with my appearance and have vowed to keep an eye out for clothes at bargain prices to treat myself to.  With my on-going struggle to lose weight (in part due to my PCOS) making me feel low and a lack of self-image, I think I need to treat and pamper myself a bit more so that I feel happier in my appearance and confident rather than feeling as I have done of late that I am a frumpy mum with no style and far from attractive.   

With my determination to treat myself and put more time into making myself feel and look good at its strongest I decided to bite the bullet whilst the iron was hot and order a couple of items of clothing that are on sale in the hope of finding some clothes that I look and feel good in.  I also decided rather than just buy new clothes I would endeavour to try clothes that I would not normally wear as I often stick to the same style and dark colours rather than try on the clothes that I love the look of as I think they would suit me and that I will look stupid and fat in them.  Branching out of my comfort zone I have ordered a few clothes to try that I would normally only admire and then dismiss assuming they would not suit me.  I think I need to add a splash of colour to my wardrobe and try different styles to find what I feel comfortable and attractive in as my old ways of sticking to the same styles and colours has not made me feel confident so a change of thinking was obviously needed. 

If I do not try new clothes and styles I will never know if they suit me and even if they end up not being my cup of tea I can return them and have a good excuse to keep on shopping until I find the clothes that are perfect for the revamped me.  In an attempt to stop playing it ‘safe’ and to find the happy, sexy, confident me some gorgeous new clothes are flitting their way to me as I type.  

Clothes from New Look.

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