Tuesday 23 July 2013

Fruity ice lollies with a Cadbury chocolate twist #cbias #shop

Bug and I have been making the most of the lovely weather we have been having of late; playing at the park, enjoying splishy splashy shenanigans at the beach, having lots of adventures in the great outdoors, playing in the garden…..simply making the most of the sunshine whilst it lasts and having lots of fun.  As well as enjoying playing in the sunshine we have also being making the most of the lovely weather by eating al fresco. 

Even though the weather has been lovely it has been boiling.  In an attempt to keep cool and prevent burning in the scorching sun we have been lathering ourselves in sunscreen and staying indoors with fans working overtime during the hottest part of the day, enjoying the weather and playing outdoors in the early hours of the morning, late afternoon and early evening.  We have also been enjoying cooling relief to the sweltering hot weather thank to yummy ice lollies.

With the heat wave making us feel like we are melting we have been devouring ice lollies as if they are going out of fashion.  Thanks to the red-hot weather and our need for some icy-cold relief my supply of homemade fruity ice lollies has been dwindling fast. 

With my supply of ice lollies nearly depleted I wanted to make some more fruity ice lollies especially as each day keeps bringing lots of sun, clear blue skies and no sign of rain or cloudy skies.  Even though my fruity ice lollies are always a hit with Bug I wanted to make some with a chocolatey twist for a special treat after being inspired by some Raspberry and Chocolate Ice Lollies on the Annabel Karmel website.  As Bug loves Watermelon I wanted to make some simple Watermelon Ice Lollies, giving some of them a chocolate twist.  Whilst browsing the internet for ice lolly ideas I stumbled across a recipe for Strawberry Ice Lollies that consisted of blending strawberries with yoghurt which sounding like a yummy milky ice lolly to make Bug.

After a quick play in the village park whilst daddy had a little lie in after a late shift we set off on for a day of shopping at Swansea with plans of getting Bug some more summer clothes and swim shorts as well as supplies to make more homemade ice lollies.

After hitting the shops to get Bug some summer clothes and browsing toy shops in the hope of finding some Lego Duplo on sale for my Lego mad Bug we popped into Asda to check out their George clothing for little ones and get supplies for the fruity ice lollies with a chocolatey twist, specifically fresh fruit and Cadbury chocolate.  You can see our shopping trip to Asda by taking a look at our Shopping at Asda for ingredients for fruity ice lollies with a Cadbury chocolate twist google+ album.

Even though I could not get raspberries for the Raspberry and Chocolate Ice Lollies recipe I found on the Annabel Karmel website the lollies inspired me to make my own fruity ice lollies in the same vein by dipping them in chocolate and adding a scattering of sprinkles.  With plentiful supplies and the fans whirling to keep us cool, Bug and I hit the kitchen to make some ice lollies.

Bug was fascinated by the hand blender as I prepared the fruit for the lollies and was intrigued watching the fruit juice drip through the sieve.

We made a few different fruity ice lollies using a number of ice lolly holders and moulds.  With the fruity blends smelling divine we placed them in the freezer to set ready for dipping in melted Cadbury chocolate.

After being in the freezer overnight our ice lollies were icy cold and set, ready for a chocolatey makeover.

I could not wait to taste the summer fruit blend of watermelon and strawberry ice lollies.

Bug was intrigued by the bullet shaped ice lollies.  The strawberry and yoghurt ice lollies looked milky and cooling.

As both Bug and I love watermelon both of us were excited about enjoying the watermelon ice lollies that looked uber icy cold and had a gorgeous pink hue to them.

As well as making fruity ice lollies whilst we were busy making ice lolly treats we also made some raspberry fromage frais ice lollies that looked delicious.

With the fruity ice lollies frozen solid it was time to get creative with some tasty Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

Bug loved helping break the chocolate ready for melting and he was giggling in delight when he slyly sneaked a bit to eat.

With melted Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate at the ready I dipped the fruity ice lollies in the silky smooth chocolate and then Bug helped decorate the ice lollies by sprinkling hundreds and thousands onto the chocolate before we popped them back into the freezer to set.

As we had some chocolate left we made some little chocolate treats that had a little surprise inside in the form of Jelly Babies.

Bug loved hiding the Jelly Babies in the melted chocolate and after they were all covered in the silky milk chocolate we put them to bed in the fridge to set.

Whilst putting the Jelly Babies to bed in a chocolate bed Bug also secreted away a couple of little Jelly Babies to nibble on.

Once our little chocolate and Jelly Babies treats were set Bug was excited about seeing inside.

As the day was fast come to an end I decided the fruity ice lollies with a chocolate twist would have to wait until the following day when they could be enjoyed in the midst of a sunny, fun filled day playing outdoors.  As a special treat for being a very good boy helping mummy make ice lollies, Bug enjoyed a bowl of yummy vanilla ice cream drizzled with melted Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate after he devoured his supper.

I was surprised to see that by the time I got the bowl to the table the chocolate had set.

The following day with a fridge full of fruity ice lollies, a number of which had a chocolate and sprinkles makeover and the sun shining bright we headed outside to play.  

Whilst Bug raced around playing on his cars and small climbing frame I relaxed and enjoyed the sun with a pieces or two (okay maybe a tad more) of Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Shells and an ice cold can of Diet Coke.

With the paddling pool filled up with cooling water Bug enjoyed splishing and splashing in the pool before deciding to use his little slide to slip into the pool.

Bug was very excited to see the fruity ice lollies with a chocolate twist as well as some strawberries to nibble on to give him an energy boost to carry on playing.  I love our fruity ice lollies with a Cadbury chocolate twist and they make not look perfect but I think they look good and have a cute homemade look to them.  Our homemade fruity ice lollies taste great and are the perfect treat for hot summer days.

The Watermelon and Strawberry ice lollies with a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate top were particularly lovely and very refreshing to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Fingers crossed the lovely summer weather continues so that Bug and I can have lots more fun playing outside and enjoying the refreshing, cooling fruity ice lollies.  I plan on using some different fruit next time I need to make some more fruity ice lollies and I hope to attempt to make some Chocolate Orange Ice Lollies in the near future.


  1. What a great idea! Home made lollies are always fun but adding the chocolate makes them look so pretty.

    1. Thank you, we love home made ice lollies and the naughty addition of chocolate was a hit with Bug.

  2. This is a lovely idea, they look so tasty too.

    1. Thank you, it was great to be able to make home made ice lollies extra special with a little bit of chocolate.

  3. They look like Fab lollies, only nicer. The flavour combinations sound great, and I love the secret jelly babies.

    1. The flavours were yummy. I had hoped on getting some different shaped lolly moulds to make them look more like Fab lollies but had to make do with what I already had....there's always next time. Bug loved the secret jelly babies.

  4. It all looks yummy! I really love the jelly baby secrets!