Wednesday 14 August 2013

Life is like a roller coaster.

The saying ‘life is like a roller coaster’ has never felt more true than it has of late.

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Since the time I suffered from depression years ago I tend to let small blips worry me more than other people would and I struggle to deal with pressure well.  I let stress affect me and get me down, making me see the worst of the situation and let negativity cloud my thoughts.

Even though we have had no amazing ups and exciting news things had been bobbling along nicely with life going well for us.  In an attempt to overcome my worrying ways and put a stop to my negative thinking I have been trying to think positive and not let the down’s of life depress me.

With life going smoothly for us of late I have been feeling very positive and happy, letting tiny downs wash over me rather than let the worry take over. 

Following a period of positive thoughts and dealing well with worries the roller coaster of life hit a number of downs, one after another in quick succession.  Even though I cannot say that I did not let worrisome and negative thoughts affect me a little bit as we dealt with the bad times and dramas that had come to test us, I was stronger and did not end up a complete mess with only dark thoughts occupying my mind.

In spite of some negative thoughts I found that thanks to a more positive outlook and stronger emotional control I was able to deal with the dramas better than I would have previously.

One of the techniques I am using to overcome my worrying and negative thoughts is to remember how blessed I am to have a lovely little family and to focus on the positives in my life and not hold onto the negatives as worrying does not help and even though it may be hard at times I can overcome the bad times.  I am also trying to remind myself that compared to lots of people in the world who are in very difficult and unfortunate circumstances that we are very lucky and that I should be grateful for what I have and that our life is very fortunate in many ways.

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I have a loving family to enjoy the roller coaster of life with and even though I do not know what is around the corner, what downs we will have to overcome and what highs we will have to enjoy, I love the life that I have and cherish the memories that I have gained so far on this wild ride of life.


  1. this was lovely to read, it is quite rare to hear of someone so content with their life. enjoy x

  2. My life is going well as well, I love every aspect of life at the moment and I always look on the positive side of everything and to what lies ahead

    1. That is lovely to hear and a very positive way of thinking.

  3. I empathise with this post, very much so.