Monday 26 August 2013

Planning a Spooktacular Halloween Party.

Towards the end of this year we a lot of celebrations happening, a number of birthdays including my mum’s 50th for which we are having a big party, a family friend’s wedding, my anniversary with Lee and of course Christmas.  As there is a lot happening over the next few months I am trying to be organised and plan ahead to hopefully prevent any last minute disasters so that all celebrations can be lots of fun and stress free.

As we have a number of family members and close friends celebrating their birthdays about the same time as Halloween we have decided to have a spooktacular Halloween party that will not only be a celebration of Halloween but also a celebration of all the birthdays happening just before and after Halloween.

As Bug is getting older even though we do not want to introduce him to the scary side of Halloween we do want to introduce him to a wider spectrum of the Halloween season having only dressed him up before in cute Halloween outfits (last year he was a Spooky Cute Spider).  We think the Spooktacular Halloween Party we will be having with friends and family that will be full of fun Halloween costumes, tasty food with a Halloween twist, Halloween themed books and films with a soft spooky side is a great way to introduce him to the fun of Halloween in a friendly, fun environment with people he knows and loves.

In an attempt to be organised and help make the Halloween party terrific I have been browsing the internet for ideas for costumes, food and entertainment.

Pinterest has been a great resource for Halloween party ideas.  Thanks to Pinterest I am awash with Halloween party ideas and have created a Spooktacular Halloween Party board on Pinterest.  I have seen lots of fabulously fun food ideas to make our Halloween party terror-ific and tasty.  I have also found lots of inspiration for Halloween party decorations and fun party games for the children to play to help make the party more fun than scary. 

As there will be children at the party we do not want to make it too scary so we will be ensuring that even though the food is spooky it is fun and tasty for little ones.  We will also be getting some child friendly Halloween films such as Casper the Friendly Ghost, Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie, Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Wererabbit, Monsters Inc and Scooby Doo for them to watch. 

As well as having Halloween inspired children’s films we will also have lots of party games perfect for little ones to have lots of fun.  In the run up to Halloween we will also be getting some Halloween themed books for Bug to read to get him into the Halloween spirit, I love the look of Usborne’s spooky Halloween books in particular That’s Not My Monster…, Noisy Monster and Noisy Spooky book.

Pictures sourced from the Usborne website.

A Halloween party would not be right if we did not all get dressed up in Halloween costumes so I have been browsing the internet for costume ideas for Lee, Bug and I for the Spooktacular Halloween Party.  Bug loved it when Lee dressed up as a snowman for Christmas and he loves dressing up himself so I am sure he will love dressing up this year again for Halloween and seeing both his mummy and daddy dress up this year too.

Whilst browsing for costume ideas I came a terrifying array of Halloween costumes on the Fancy Dress Ball website and with statement of ‘Make it a fright to remember….looking bad never looked so good’ the website has been the ideal place to find the perfect Halloween costume for us all for our Spooktacular Halloween Party.  I have also found Fancy Dress Ball Halloween infographic’s highlighting their bestselling Halloween costumes for 2012 and showing their predictions for the Top 5 Female costumes for Halloween 2013 and the Top 5 Male costumes for Halloween 2013 great inspiration for Halloween costumes for me and Lee.

As Bug loves dressing up he will want to don a fancy dress costume himself, as he is still young I want to get him a cute fancy dress costume with a Halloween twist that is colourful, fun yet has a little scary side to it that Bug will hopefully find amusing.  Thankfully Fancy Dress Ball have a great choice of Halloween costumes for little ones that are colourful and cute.  I love the Bat costume, Pirate Skeleton Childrens costume, Mini Monsters Waccy Grizzle Childrens costume and the Crazy Spider Childrens costume.

After our Spooktacular Halloween Party I will be heading over to the Fancy Dress Ball facebook page and submitting our favourite photo of our costumes to enter into their monthly competition for the chance to win either cash or vouchers to use on their site.

With a number of celebrations happening over the next few months the party season is starting soon for us and I cannot wait for lots of fun with family and friends especially at our Spooktacular Halloween Party.  

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