Sunday 29 September 2013

The RNLI and playtime on the beach.

On Sunday Bug and I popped to the beach for a relaxing stroll. 

As we ambled along the beach Bug loved watching the boats out at sea.

Our quiet walk soon turned into playtime in the sand as Bug got stuck into the sand, rolling and crawling around in the sand.

As usual Bug’s imagination took over and he improvised with his shoes using them as cars, spades, buckets and treasure to hide in the sand.

Whilst playing in the sand Bug was delighted to witness the RNLI come out from the sea on a big tractor that drove right by us as we sat playing with the boat and its crew on a trailer being pulled along the sand.

Following the excitement of seeing the tractor and the RNLI boat Bug raced around shrieking with glee as he jumped around, did the splits and played in the sand.

In his excited state Bug went flying landing in the sand.

After finding a small washed up stick Bug began drawing in the sand, creating magnificent masterpieces in the sand.

As always we had a lovely time at the beach and Bug arrived home with a big smile on his face and sand everywhere.

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