Thursday 28 November 2013

E.ON Saving Energy Toolkit helping families save energy and money.

With winters chill and frosty bite making an appearance households across the country are inevitably attempting to battle the freezing temperatures and keep themselves and their homes warm during this cold time of year.  Unfortunately the downside of reaching for the thermostat in an attempt to keep the cold at bay means many households see their fuel bills skyrocket. 

With the cost of living costing many a pretty penny and today’s delicate financial climate already negatively affecting numerous people across the country the burden of additional fuel bills can be too much for countless people to endure. 

As fuel prices soar many people feel that there is nothing they can do to prevent their bills increasing and find the tricky balancing act of sticking to a strict budget being blown apart when they reach for the thermostat.  Sadly increasing bills are too much for countless households to handle and they have to sacrifice basic needs or suffer the cold without additional heating in the hope of keeping the bills at a manageable amount.

Even though increasing bills and fuel poverty can be daunting with the thought of a freezing winter without being able to afford additional heating terrifying there are a few ways that you can reduce your energy bills which will help with the burden of heating your home this winter.

In many households across the country a significant proportion of gas, water and electricity consumption is going to waste the cost of which all adds to bills.  A key way to save money in your home and reduce your carbon footprint is by looking at your energy usage and changing a few crucial habits so that you are not using more energy that you need to.

Major UK energy supplier E.ON has developed a toolkit which is aimed at providing their customers with information to help them save energy and cut down on energy waste.  This is done through their Saving Energy Toolkit – part of their latest campaign to help you which offers plenty of tips on how to reduce energy waste and allows customers to compare their usage figures with similar homes in the local area.

Reducing energy waste does not mean compromising on your quality of life, in fact improving a few key areas where energy waste occurs will have a positive effect on the quality of your life.  After all, you are not feeling the benefit of heating that seeps out through the ceiling due to poor insulation and you do not benefit from lights that are left on when you are out.  By reducing energy waste you will save money, money that will either offset the additional cost of heating your home during winter or money that can be spent on you and your family.

Thankfully E.ON’s campaign will provide tips to help save energy and cut down on energy waste which will help trim the digits off your energy bills and run a more fuel-efficient home. 

Insulation is very important and insufficient insulation can be a major cause of energy waste especially as anything up to 40% of the energy used to heat your home can be lost and wasted thanks to poor insulation.  Thankfully E.ON provides useful tips about how to improve insulation and provides information about schemes such as the government’s Green Deal that can help households make energy saving home improvements.

A major habit that is a huge cause of energy waste is leaving appliances and gadgets turned on, with 34% of people admitting to leaving up to 15 gadgets turned on at once.  Energy sapping devices such as TV’s, chargers and microwaves use a shocking amount of energy even when left plugged in or on standby.  Surprisingly the average household spends between £50-£86 a year on standby energy……wasted energy and wasted money.

Customers who have registered to manage their E.ON account online can access E.ON’s interactive Saving Energy Toolkit which provides their customers with great tips and advice about saving energy and allows customers to use their comparison tool to see how their home performs against similar households in the area.

As well as the tips on E.ON’s toolkit a trained energy expert could make a home visit to assess your home’s performance and help identify where the problems are occurring.

Low income households could also be entitled to a warm home discount which could take £135 off your next heating bill.

Take advantage of the numerous tips on advice on E.ON’s website and start saving money and reducing costly energy bills.  

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