Sunday 1 December 2013

BHS Lighting - We Love the Dark.

During winter when the nights are dark early there is nothing more I love than snuggling on the sofa with a few selected lamps turned on so that the light that emanates from them helps create a cosy atmosphere.

I find it amazing the effect lights can have on a room; they can help change the atmosphere, create a striking feature, be the finishing touches to a styled and themed room and help highlight key features of a room. 

Realising the important role lighting has BHS have created a video where a range of dazzling and twinkling lights are the stars of the show and get to shine.  Highlighting just a few of the lights from BHS’s range of over 500 lights the adorably cute video sees a variety of lights from BHS coming to life  in the darkness that they love.

After watching the clever video with the animated lights coming to life as their own little characters as they move around, shining their twinkling light in the darkness I could not resist looking at BHS’s huge range of lights.  Admiring the gorgeous lights that BHS have on offer a number have been added to my dream wish list of home products that I would love to get to put in our new home.

I love the Lila Sputnik Ceiling Light which is a stunningly dramatic ceiling light that would make an interesting feature with its twirling arms which are decorated with twinkling crystals.

I also love the Ava Table Lamp and I think the beautiful lamp would look stunning on a vintage vanity table.  I love the delicate beading that in cases the soft curves of the chandelier table light and the addition of the cut glass droppers would that would reflect the light around the room is a great touch.

Another favourite light of mine from the BHS range is the dramatic and modern Tatiana Floor Lamp.  I love that the lamp is fitted with a dimmer so that you can adapt the light to your mood, changing the atmosphere.

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