Sunday 1 December 2013

Car accident.

In the midst of all the bad news and experiences we have had to face in 2013 one such experience happened last month when Lee was in a bad car accident.

Whilst snuggled up in bed reading a book at about 11 o’clock my phone started buzzing with a phone call from Lee who was visiting some friends.

Immediately I realised that there was something amiss as his voice was shaky as he started telling me that they had been in a car accident.  My heart was racing with panic and worry as he told me about the car accident and how thanks to adverse weather conditions making the driving conditions poor when he came around a corner as he was heading home with 2 of his friends in the car the road was flooded with water which caused him to lose control of the car which hit into a tree then rolled twice before coming to a stop.

Thankfully Lee and his friends were only battered and bruised from the car accident which had shocked them all.

Unfortunately but less important the car was in poor condition and the police arranged for it to be towed away until our insurance company could collect it.

Due to the damage and age/price of the car it was deemed a total loss and after a pay-out from our insurance company we had to get a new car to keep us on the road.

After dealing with the insurance, before the car was collected I went to go and empty the car and was shocked to see the damage.

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