Monday 16 December 2013

Christmas drinks for a Christmas birthday bash.

In the midst of preparing for Christmas and enjoying the festive spirit in the run up to the big day my family and I have also been busy organising a big party to celebrate my mums 50th birthday which is a few days before Christmas.

With my mums birthday being so close to Christmas, only a matter of 3 days before Christmas, her big 50th birthday bash will be a 50th birthday party come Christmas party for her and her party guests to enjoy.

Thankfully as the whole family is involved in party planning for the party and organising all the details to make the party a success arranging the party has not been stressful.  Happily as the day of the birthday party is nearing ever so quickly most of the party details have been organised and finalised with only the last minute details to be dealt with on the day of the party.

As the party is happening in December and we are planning for the party to be a celebration of my mums 50th birthday and a celebration of Christmas the party will have a festive and wintery twist.  We are planning the party to have festive decorations adorning the venue and winter inspired food and drinks will feature at the party.  Whilst we may not have a white Christmas we are hoping that the festive decorations including a snow scene and snowmen and the wintery, festive food and drinks will help make the spirit of a White Christmas come alive at our 50th birthday/Christmas party.

As Lee works in a bar it was obvious that we should be responsible for planning what wintery and festive drinks will be made and enjoyed at the party.  With a little help from my good old friend the internet for inspiration for party drinks we have planned lots of wintery drinks and festive tipples.

Thanks to Ingham’s Top Tipples to Ease the Freeze we have been inspired by two delicious tasty drinks, the Choko Rum and Toffee Vodka which will feature on our party drinks list of perfect drinks for our festive birthday party.

For our sweet toothed, chocoholic party go-oers we have the Choko Rum drink.  A combination of hot chocolate and rum the Choko Rum is a belly warming drink perfect for winter and is especially tasty when topped with whipped cream.  If our party gooers fancy a hot chocolate infused with alcohol but don’t like rum we will also be giving them the option of Choko Baileys, Choko Brandy and any other combinations that tickles their tastebuds.

The Toffee Vodka drink will give our party guest a warm and tasty kick as they enjoy the combination of vodka and toffee in a shot glass.  In preparation for the party we will be placing toffee sweets in a bottle of vodka and leaving the toffee flavour to infuse with the vodka overnight.

Image courtesy of Ingham.

Getting into the festive spirit we will also have Mulled Wine to keep our party go-oers warm and infuse them with the festive spirit as they enjoy the red wine flavoured with spices such as cloves and cinnamon, sweetened with sugar and imbued with a zesty twist of oranges.

The internet has also provided other drink ideas one such Christmasy drink that will be made at our party is the Santa Shot.  The pretty Santa Shot with its red and green layer tastes like a candy cane and is packed full of the Christmas spirit thanks to the grenadine syrup, green crème de menthe and peppermint schnapps.

As it is not every day that your mum turns 50 we will also be having an extra special drink for her and her guests to enjoy, the Christmas Kiss.  The festive cocktail Christmas Kiss is made with champagne, cranberry juice and Cointreau and is the perfect cocktail for this special occasion.

As there will be party guest such as myself who do not drink alcohol, designated drivers and children we will also be making Christmas inspired mocktails.  My favourite mocktail on our party drinks list that I can’t wait to taste is the Driver’s Punch which is a delicious tasty combination of cranberries, cranberry juice, blood orange juice, lime juice, sparkling applce juice and wedges of lime and orange with mint sprigs.

Image courtesy of BBC Good Food.

As well as organising the party drinks I am also helping cater the party which will feature a menu full of tasty Christmas inspired food  plus lots of other tasty treats for us all to enjoy.  Having been a hit a number of friends and family I am making Bruce Bogtrotter’s Cake from the Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes with a little help from Bug who always enjoys decorating the choctastic cake with yummy fresh fruit before munching on a small slice or two.  I will also be making Ella’s Kitchen Smiley Spiral Apple Tarts at the request of Bug and his cousins who love helping make the apple tarts nearly as much as they enjoy eating the yummy apple tarts.

Image courtesy of Ella's Kitchen.

With all the tasty food and drinks that we are going to have at the party to celebrate Christmas and my mums 50th birthday I think all the party guests will be merry and have full bellies as we party the night away to great music and celebrate my mums big day in style with lots of fun and laughter had by all.  

*  This post was brought to you in conjunction with Ingham *

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