Tuesday 10 December 2013

Hot Wheels – for thrill seekers of all ages * Sponsored video *

As Bug is a huge fan of cars inevitably cars feature on his Christmas wish list.  Inspired by his dad’s love of cars and stories of his fond memories of playing with Hot Wheels cars when he was a child himself, Bug has followed in his daddy’s footsteps with Hot Wheels being his favourite toy cars.

Having witnessed on numerous occasions my boys having lots of fun as they race and zoom their Hot Wheels cars, racing them on tracks and speeding the cars through loops and hoops, I can fully attest that boys love their toys and that fun can be had playing with toys at any age.

Showcasing that “being a kid doesn’t have anything to do with age” and that Hot Wheels are “for thrill seekers of all ages” Hot Wheels have created a fun video.

Inviting families to see Hot Wheels' Ultimate Racing Track, Hot Wheels enticed the big kids a.k.a. the dads to play and have lots of fun with an epic Hot Wheels track. 

Providing lots of fun and enjoyment the Hot Wheels Ultimate Track gave the dads a perfect opportunity to be big kids as they raced against a Hot Wheels car through a myriad of obstacles to find track part to fix the broken track to prevent a mighty car crash and get the car safely to the finish line.

If like me you have a big kid in the family or you want to unleash your inner big kid why not take a look at the Hot Wheels : Build Your Own Track tool.

*  Post sponsored by Mattel but all words are my own *

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