Saturday 7 December 2013

Save Santa's Home!

Santa’s home is melting!!!

Help!!  Santa, the Elves, Rudolph, the other reindeer’s and all their arctic animals friends are in danger!!

Dear old Santa is finding it hard to keep a big smile on his face in spite of all the festive spirit and excitement of making little boys and girls across the country very happy at Christmas with the lovely gifts he delivers because he is worried about his home which is danger.

Santa is in desperate need of your help because without your help his home, the job he is passionate about and all the presents for children across the globe will be underwater and ruined thanks to climate change.

The snow-scape Santa loves and where his cherished home has been for many, many years will be gone as climate change continues to melt the ice on which his Christmassy Empire is built. 

Not only is the effects of climate change on the North Pole putting Santa’s home and Christmas Empire at risk but the melting destruction is also putting Santa’s beloved Artic animal friends at risk too.

With climate change destroying Santa’s magical home and putting Christmas at risk Santa will  be left homeless and on the hunt for a new home.

In spite of the uncertainty and worry Santa faces about the future of his home in the North Pole, good old Santa is not going to let the melting ice and devastation climate change is having on his winter wonderland home stop him deliver bundles of presents to children across the World to bring them joy this Christmas.

Sadly Santa’s Christmas spirit alone will not protect his arctic home and to ensure that children across the globe experience the magic of Santa for years to come we have to help Save Santa’s home!!
Luckily it’s not too late to help save Santa’s home.

Thankfully Santa has some help from his friends at Greenpeace who are trying to help Santa Save the North Pole and keep the world-famous Christmassy Empire that he has built there safe.

To join in the fight to help Save Santa’s home and protect the Arctic go to and signup to the Greenpeace petition to protect the Arctic.

Together we can Save Santa’s Home!!

Spread the word about the Save Santa’s Home cause to help highlight the impact of climate change on our planet and help Greenpeace Save Santa’s Home.

Santa and Mrs Claus will be eternally grateful for any help that you can give to help Save Santa’s Home.

Dancer, Prancer, Dasher, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph will also be delighted with any help to save their winter wonderland home at Santa’s Christmassy Empire.

All the Elves at Santa’s Christmas Empire will also be overjoyed at the help to Save Santa’s Home especially if all the Christmas presents that they have lovingly made for children across the World are saved.

The beautiful animals of the Arctic will also be appreciative if their home is saved from the damage of climate change.

Help save the Arctic from melting and Save Santa’s Home today by signing the petition, supporting  the Greenpeace Save Santa’s Home campaign and by spreading the word about this important cause.

Together we can Save Santa’s Home and ensure that the magic of Santa lives on for years to come!

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