Thursday 9 January 2014

A wet and windy end to 2013 and a stormy start to 2014.

Over the past few weeks the UK has been battered by storms, with strong winds and excessive rain causing havoc and damage across many parts of the UK.  Thanks to the unrelenting weather sadly many people across the country have been affected by flooding and damage to their homes.  Sadly countless people were affected by the unforgiving weather over Christmas and the New Year, with 2014 starting on a very damp note.

Luckily apart from experiencing strong winds and heavy rain we have not been affected badly by the storms with the only casualty of the weather being our fence but sadly there has been areas near where we now live and near where we have recently moved from where friends and family still live that has been gravely affected by the bad weather.

Even though we were not affected directly by the bad weather in our new home the town where we now live, Haverfordwest did experience some limited flooding especially when the tide peaked causing the River Cleddau to overflow.  Keeping safe and dry from the weather (apart from the odd dash to the shops where poor Bug and I would return home as drowned rats in spite of rain covers and umbrellas being used and coats zipped up tight) I kept abreast of how our new county of Pembrokeshire was fairing in the bad weather.  Thanks to Radio Pembrokeshire and Pembrokeshire County Councils social media updates and the Western Telegraphs’ live updates as flooding hit Pembrokeshire I heard all about how the county was being affected and could witness the damage through the photographs they were posting.

I also kept up-to-date with news about how the weather was affecting areas in our old county of Ceredigion.  Thanks to friends and family on social media I heard news of the bad weather, seeing numerous photographs highlighting the flooding and damage.  I was shocked and sadness to see the photographs of flooding in Cardigan that were being shared on social media as 30 homes were flooded in Cardigan after “worst ever” flood.  I was also amazed by the photographs I saw of the sea down at Llangrannog beach and photographs of the river bulging and overflowing in Aberaeron.

Another area close to my heart which has been affected by the extreme storms is the town of Aberystwyth.  Severe weather warnings led to properties along the promenade in Aberystwyth being evacuated as immense tidal waves hit the promenade at high tide leaving devastation in its wake with the 1920’s shelter left damaged by the punishing waves.
Not only have I been shocked by the extreme weather the coastal areas of Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion have had to endure but I have also been astounded by the weather that has battered many other areas across the UK especially where flooding, extreme tidal waves and immensely strong winds have left their mark.  My heart goes out to hit hardest by recent extreme weather across the UK and I hope Mother Nature gives them all a rest as the areas and people affected can recover from these extreme storms that have battered the UK as we said goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014.

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