Thursday 9 January 2014

Bye bye storms and flooding? Hello snow??

Fierce storms battered the UK as we said a wet and windy goodbye to 2013 and a stormy hello to 2014, with Mother Nature leaving devastation in her wake thanks to torrential rain, fierce winds, flooding and tidal waves the country has been storm ravaged again and again over the past few weeks.   

Storm surges have savaged miles of coastline with the power of the storms having collapsed cliffs and wrecked sea fronts with homes and businesses along the coast being flooded and battered by the wind and water.  Thousands of acres of countryside have been left underwater and rivers have overflowed leading to immense flooding throughout the country with hundreds of homes flooded across Britain.  The misery of the storms has seen hundreds of flood alerts being issued with villages and towns being evacuated for safety.  Devastatingly the damage caused by the storm has not been limited to the coast, countryside and homes as sadly lives have been lost due to the bad weather.

After weeks of immense storms the severe weather warnings issued by the Environment Agency have at last expired but the risk of further flooding remains due to the impact of the vast rainfall already experienced and further forecasts of rain with water still draining into rivers which could lead to further overflowing of some rivers. 

Following the gloom and destruction of the storms forecasters are now predicting the possibility of snow for parts of the UK next week with the Met Office warning ice and snow as the UK experiences freezing temperatures thank to the bitter cold Arctic air.  Sadly as the country is trying to recover from the severe storms the UK’s weather worries may be far from over as Britain may have to brace for a big freeze and deal with freezing temperatures and snow on top of the ongoing flooding and storm damage.

For snow loving people the forecast of snow comes as a welcome forecast especially after the misery of the storms whilst others dread further bad weather, albeit bad weather in a different form.  As always the weather is a hot topic especially when the it is extreme and not only is the weather highly discussed on the news, in the newspapers and on social media the weather is also a hot gambling topic featuring in bookies with bets on the what weather we will experiencing on offer.

Jessica Bridge, a PR and Communications Executive for Ladbrokes recently commented “The odds suggest a White Christmas might be making a late appearance this winter”.  In fact according to Ladbrokes with wintery weather set to descend upon the UK there is a 12/1 chance that snow falls anywhere in the UK before the end of the week.  Also after the heavy flooding across the country and the severe storms the bookies are offering odds at 4/5 that 2014 will be the wettest year on record.

Even though extreme freezing temperatures, frost and snow is a daunting and unwelcome prospect for me I would welcome a change in weather a small amount of wintery weather and wonderfully white snow.  The thought of a touch of snow is a lovely one especially as we missed out on a White Christmas and Bug has not really experienced and enjoyed lush white snow canvasing everywhere as of yet. 

At the beginning of last year we had some icy weather and a hint of snow and then a little later in the year Bug enjoyed seeing a little bit of snow fall, running around madly in the flurry of snow as it fell from the sky but sadly the snow did not stay long over cover much of the ground for lots of wintery snowy play.

I cannot wait until the day where we have a decent amount of snow (but not too much or for too long of course as inevitably we will all get fed up of it and want it gone as much as we wanted it in the first place) so that Bug can experience the wonder of snow.  I have fond memories of playing in the snow and cannot wait to make memories with Bug of fun wintery snowy play together, wrapping up warm and getting rosy red cheeks as we build snowmen, sledge down snow covered hills and have snowball fights in the wintery weather and snowy delight.

 *  This post was brought to you in conjunction with Ladbrokes *

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