Monday 24 February 2014

HelloPet! matching pets with people.

Pets can bring so much joy and love to a home.  Whilst the benefits of being a pet owner are amazing, having pets is a huge responsibility.  To fully reap the benefits of being a pet owner and be responsible and dedicated to a pet for life I think it is vital that potential pet owners seriously consider what pet would suit their home and lifestyle so that both pet owners and the pets can live happily and harmoniously.

Not all pets will suit all people.  Most people prefer particular animals over other ones, a prime example of two animals that commonly divide people are cats and dogs with people frequently falling in either the ‘dog lover’ camp or in the ‘cat lover’ camp. 

I think when deciding and choosing your ideal pet from a dog or cat, the breed of animal is also an important consideration as different breeds will suit different lifestyles and people better than other breeds.

Realising the importance of choosing the right pet Animal Friends, a pet insurance company who provide ethical cover for cats and dogs to help support animal welfare charities, made a smart pet and owner matching tool called HelloPet! to help potential pet owners find the right pet for them, matching pets with people.

Animal Friends’ innovative pet and owner matching service HelloPet! is fun and easy to use.  To find your perfect furry companion using the HelloPet! tool all you need to do is answer a few simple questions for the HelloPet! matching service to cleverly use the answers to match you to your perfect pet. 

Not only does the HelloPet! matching tool narrow down whether a cat or dog will suit a potential pet owner but it also highlights what breed of cat or dog would suit the potential pet owner’s lifestyle and character.

Once the HelloPet! service has found your match you can share with your perfect pet match on facebook and twitter using the ‘tweet your match’ and ‘share on facebook’ buttons.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?  Why not see whether the HelloPet! tool agrees.

Personally I do not fall in either the ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ camp as I love both cats and dogs, and even though we currently only have two bichon frise dogs I would love to have another cat as I have not owned a cat since childhood.  As I love both cats and dogs I was intrigued what pet the HelloPet! matching service would say is my perfect companion and if I would get a cat or dog.  After using the fun tool and answering the questions to help the service calculate what pet would suit my character and lifestyle I got my match with a Ragdoll cat. 

I have always loved Ragdoll cats, they are beautiful and I love their friendly, relaxed nature.  Even though I would love a Ragdoll cat and will hopefully own one in the future, thanks to Bug our home is far from being a quiet home and his whirlwind, hyper character would not make our home the ideal home for a Ragdoll cat.

Are you a potential pet owner looking for the perfect pet?  Use the clever HelloPet! matching service to help find a furry companion who will suit you and your lifestyle and who will become your new best friend.

 *  Post in collaboration with Animal Friends *

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