Friday 21 March 2014

Gift Ideas for Grandmothers this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a day that we celebrate our amazing mums and all the hard work and love they’ve given us over the years, but it’s now become more than that.  It’s now also a day to say thanks to our grandmothers too; after all, they’re pretty amazing too!

When my Mamgu (grandmother) was alive I was very close to her and thinking of her and my Dadcu (granddad) as my second parents.  I have such fond memories of my Mamgu and loved spending time with her; she was a tremendous support and loving influence in my life alongside my amazing mum.  I loved showing my appreciation and gratitude to her whenever I could and every year on Mother’s Day we would buy or make her a gift alongside a gift for our mum.

My lovely Mamgu.

Now that I am a mother myself I am keeping the family tradition of giving a small, meaningful gift to grandmother’s on Mother’s Day by helping Bug make a homemade gift or buy a personalised, thoughtful gift for him to give to his Mamgu and his Nana (on his dad’s side of the family) this Mother’s Day as a symbol of his love.

As Bug’s Nana lives over 200miles away she loves receiving his loving gifts in the post and especially loves the personalised gifts he sends such as the home decorated flower pot for the beautiful blooming plant we got delivered for her on Mother’s Day last year and the personalised calendar and mug she got sent the year before that with photographs of Bug emblazoned upon them.

If you want to get a little something for your grandma this Mother’s Day, here are some great gift ideas…

Silver and gold never gets old.
Jewellery is a very personal gift and one that can last a lifetime.  If you buy a piece of jewellery for your grandma, she’ll treasure it and will probably want to wear it whenever you pop round.  Whether it’s earrings, a bracelet or a necklace, jewellery is something that never fails to get a reaction when opened.  You could even personalise it.  Lockets can hold a cherished photograph, fingerprint jewellery can capture your child’s precious prints, or there are plenty of places that can inscribe messages onto the jewellery.  And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Websites such as Etsy have a huge number of great products available for genuinely affordable prices.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
There are few better gifts your grandmother will love to receive this Mother’s Day than a photograph of you or your children in some form.  It can be of just you, the two of you, a photo with your mum, with your children, just about anything!  Now, you can choose a simple photo in a frame or a photo printed on a canvas which will no doubt go down a storm, or you can choose something a little different.  For example, we love these unique personalised mugs from My Photo Gifts not only are they a lovely personalised gift but they are practical and useful too.  You put your own photo on the mug and every time she grabs it for a cup of tea, she’ll think of you!

Go and spend some time with her.
There are few things nans like more than just spending time with their grandchildren.  She’ll love it if you go and see her, have a cup of tea and just chat about whatever.  Maybe take some cake or biscuits with you and make an afternoon of it.  You could even go round with you mum and if you have any children, take them too and turn it into a real family day.

Say it with flowers.
Flowers may be a little clichéd as a Mother’s Day gift, but they’re still a great choice and are sure to go down a treat.  Find out if your nan has any particular favourite flowers and maybe take them round in a nice vase.  Companies such as Interflora do national delivery services, so if you can’t make it round there, you can still let her know you’re thinking of her.  If your grandma isn’t able to attend to a garden anymore, then this is a nice way of bringing the garden inside.

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