Monday 24 March 2014

Mini-b Beanbag from Room To Grow - review.

For a while I have wanted to create a quiet and relaxing reading corner for Bug with books aplenty and a comfy seating area but it was not until we moved to our new house that we had the space to create a peaceful haven for our little bookworm.  With the manic-ness of the house move, Christmas and then everyday life getting in the way Bug’s bookworm corner had not been created and no comfy seating had been bought for Bug to lounge on as he reads his books.  Thankfully Room To Grow came to my aid when they gave us the opportunity to review their Mini-b Beanbag.

Room To Grow’s Mini-b Beanbag was delivered very fast and I was surprised to see that the beanbag came with a reusable protective storage bag which is a great addition to the beanbag.  The reusable protective storage bag is very useful for the rare occasions when you might need to store the beanbag, safekeeping the beanbag from dirt and damage and I can imagine the storage bag would be very handy to keep the beanbag protected when moving house. 

Even though I had read the dimensions listed on the website, as I am not very good at visualising the size of objects from measurements I had expect that the beanbag would be very compact and be a tiny ‘mini’ but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised that it is a lot bigger than I had imagined it would be.  The beanbag is far from being the minuscule beanbag I had imagined; in fact it measures 71cm long, 74cm wide and 74cm high and is a great, ample size for children.  The generous mini beanbag is also large enough for adults to lounge on too…..surprisingly the beanbag is big enough for both Bug and I (even with my generously sized behind) to comfortably fit on as we snuggle together and read books.

From the impressive range of colours available Bug picked the Royal colour.  The Royal is not quite as vibrant as the advertised colour in the photograph but it is a lovely deep blue navy and Bug is delighted with the beanbag regardless of the colour, however in hindsight if I had realised it was not quite as bright I would have chosen the Aqua colour instead for more of a vibrant punch of colour to liven up Bug’s bedroom. 

The Mini-b Beanbag is covered in a 2-way stretchable and breathable PU fabric which is durable, water-resistant and very soft and comfortable to sit on.  I love the fact that the beanbag is easy clean thanks to the PU fabric as you can easily wipe away mess and sticky marks and the water-resistant fabric means that the beanbag will be protected from spillages.  I also love the fact that the durable PU fabric with it’s easy to clean and water-resistant means that the Mini-b Beanbag is a lot more hardwearing, robust and easy to keep clean than standard fabric beanbags.

The beanbag is shaped and remains sturdy and upright whilst also moulding to your body providing incredible support and a very comfy seat to lounge on and completely relax.  Not only does the beanbag mould to fit your body but it also uses body heat to maintain the perfect temperature making the beanbag even more comfortable and cosy.

Bug adores his beanbag chair and he often insists on moving the beanbag from his bedroom to the living room and back again so that he always has his beanbag to sit on…..I think I may have to get him another one!  Thankfully the beanbag comes with a handy handle that I can grab to move the beanbag easily when bossy Bug wants his beanbag to sit on in another room.  As well as being perfect for numerous rooms in the home the beanbag can also be used in the garden and I foresee Bug insisting he has his special beanbag outdoors too during the summer when hopefully we will be enjoying some lovely summer weather in the garden.

The Mini-b is a fantastic, high quality beanbag that is perfect for children and very versatile, Bug loves to lounge on it anywhere and everywhere, sitting on it to read, play, draw and colour, play on his tablet, snuggle on with his teddies (or mummy or daddy), watch TV or dive on thinking he is at a soft play centre in-spite of my objections.  The beanbag is available in a range of 11 colour options to suit all tastes and interior d├ęcor.

The Mini-b costs  £59.99 which I admit does seem costly for a beanbag but after seeing the premium quality of the beanbag I think it is well worth the price especially as the beanbag will perfect for Bug for many years to come making it a purchase that will last long term and be useful for his as he grows.

For big kids like Bug’s Daddy who is jealous of Bug’s uber comfy beanbag Room To Grow also sell the Mighty-b Beanbag which Daddy thinks would be perfect for him for when he is gaming and the Monster-b Beanbag which I think would be amazing for lazing on in the garden.  If you like the look of the Mighty-b Beanbag Room To Grow currently have a competition to win a Mighty-b Beanbag on their website.

Room To Grow also sell a huge range of nursery furniture, children’s bedroom furniture, toys, wigwams and playhouses for creative play, children’s chairs plus a whole host of funky accessories for adorning your little ones bedrooms.  I am honestly in love with a number of products on the Room To Grow website and have a long ‘wish list’ of products I must have… of the list at the moment is the Dinosaur furniture especially the Toy Box and the Child’s Table and Chair set.

If you like me love the fab range of products of the Room To Grow website and could do with some Room To Grow vouchers to spend to start on getting your wish list of products them pop over to the Room To Grow website where they have a widget of ‘funny things kids say’.  As the name suggests the widget showcases funny sayings that kids have said, there you can also can submit your own saying which gives you a chance to win £200 to spend at Room To Grow!

*  We were sent this Mini-b Beanbag from Room To Grow for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions as well as the opinions of the master tester, Bug *

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