Monday 21 April 2014

888ladies Millionaire Genie review.

When I was recently offered the chance to review a new game, Millionaire Genie from 888ladies I could not resist giving it a whirl especially when I started imaging that the Genie might grant my wishes and award me with a big money prize that would help my dreams come true and make life that little bit easier financially.

Having never used 888ladies before I registered myself on the site, which was a quick and easy process.  With £5 credited in my 888ladies account I set about trying the Millionaire Genie game that is located in the games section of the website as well as currently being advertised on the 888ladies main screen.

As 888ladies is marketed as a bingo site I had wrongly assumed that their new game Millionaire Genie would be a bingo game but in fact it is a slot game that is reminiscent of fruit machine games.  With Millionaire Genie you ‘Spin to win’ with players of the game having a chance to win the huge jackpot of over £450,000.

When I first clicked to play the game it started with an intro (which can be skipped) that showed the games title ‘Millionaire Genie’ emerging from the Genie’s golden lamp before a basic brief about the game was shown.

The Millionaire Genie slot game has an Arabian Nights theme thanks to an Arabian Nights inspired design and complementary Arabian music which is playing constantly in the background adding to the Arabian Nights/Genie themed game experience.  For people who find music on games annoying or distracting the music can be muted using the obvious mute button.

On the game screen the Genie majestically guards a treasure chest surrounded with glinting gold coins that contains the ever changing jackpot which had over a whopping £500,000 when I played the game. 

At first I was a tad confused about what to do to play the game but soon realised that I needed to choose how much I wanted to bet on the 15 tiles before clicking on ‘Spin’ to set the game in motion when the tiles would randomly spin before coming to a stop where I either won or not.

On the Pay Table scroll at the bottom of the game I could choose what amount I wanted to bet on the 15 tiles; starting at 1p per tile/15p per game the bet levels ranged from 1p up to 25p per tile.  I could play the game on a spin by spin basis, manually clicking the Spin button for every game or I could play using the Autoplay tool where I could set the game to automatically spin the tiles for me, with options of the following number of games being played automatically - x10, x25, x50 or x75.  

Thanks to the information shown on the beautiful scroll I could clearly see what amount I was betting which helped me keep track of my spending.  I could also see my balance underneath the game which would automatically change when I bought games and when I won games.

Once I had chosen my bet level and clicked on the Spin button the game would start with the ornate, beautifully designed tiles spinning vertically around on the reels until the tiles would all come to a stop and I found out whether I had won any money or not.  As the tiles span around I had my fingers crossed that I would be lucky and be awarded a large chunk from the impressive Jackpot.

The tiles have beautiful designs on them including a bag of gold coins, an ancient magic book, a golden lamp, an ornate gold key on a magic carpet and an emerald eyed cobra wrapped around an emerald gem as well as decorative tiles depicting the playing cards Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10.  The game used 3D graphics which thankfully did not slow the game down and added to the experience especially when a prize was won and the tiles came to life adding a magical touch to the game.

In the game there are also two extra special symbol tiles; a Scatter tile which is a close-up of the Genie and a Bonus tile which is a picture of a girl in a pink scarf. 

Scatter tile.
If you are lucky enough to get three or more Scatter symbols the Genie grants a random amount of free spins and he also magically sticks a wild Millionaire Genie tile in the game that will last throughout all of the free spins and increases the chance of getting high-scoring tile combinations. 

Bonus tile.
Find three or more Bonus tiles and the Genie’s Palace Bonus is activated where you will have to make two important wishes, the first to decide your initial prize and the other decides the multiplier that comes with it. 

Unfortunately I never saw more than one of either the Scatter or Bonus tiles at the same time before my credit ran out so sadly I did not experience free spins or a chance to win with the Genie’s Palace Bonus.

As much as I like the design of the game and the animated 3D nature of the ornate tiles plus the easiness of playing the game, I found the game confusing as it took me many games to understand how the wins happened and I still do not understand how the prize amount awarded was set. 

Thankfully as the game is confusing all you have to do is click ‘spin’ and let the game play.  When a win happens as the game becomes animated showing where matching tile combinations are made on one or more of the fifteen paylines it is obvious a win has happened with the game also showing the amount won for that spin.

Accepting the random nature of the game and that winning was simply a matter of luck and chance on the spinning of the tiles I simply enjoyed playing the game taking my spins and hoping that fortune would smile down upon me so that the Genie would award me at random with an impressive win from the jackpot.  Unfortunately all I won was a number of small 9p, 10p and 25p wins with my biggest win being £1 and very quickly my balance had been exhausted leaving me with no money left to play.

Whilst I did not win big it is good to know that if I had won as well as being able to deposit money onto the site to play with you can withdraw any winnings into a bank account or PayPal account (minimum £10) before the temptation of using the winnings to play more games with becomes too much and you carry on playing and risk losing it.

Would I play with the genie again on his Millionaire Genie game?  Whilst I like the theme with its animated 3D design which made playing the game more interesting to me and I find the jackpot very appealing and tempting I doubt I will play Millionaire Genie again simply because I have only ever dabbled with playing online games and cannot see that habit changing anytime soon.

Do you have an 888ladies account?  Have you tried Millionaire Genie?

What is your favourite online game?

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If you fancy playing with the Genie and trying out this new game visit 888ladies to see if the Millionaire Genie will grant your wishes and relinquish his jackpot to you.

Please remember to gamble responsibly and only spend what you can afford.  For advice on the dangers of gambling and compulsive usage please see Responsible Gaming at for advice and practical help about the impact of gaming and gambling.

*  Disclaimer – I was provided with £5 credit on to enable me to try out their new game Millionaire Genie.  I am also being financially compensated writing this post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own *

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