Saturday 19 April 2014

Crafting a little Easter Friend - #craftylicious fun

Today Bug has been getting excited about Easter by doing some Easter and spring themed crafts.  He especially enjoyed making a little Easter friend using a craft kit he picked when we popped into Poundland yesterday.

Having a soft spot for sheep I was not surprised when he dismissed a little chick and a cute bunny in favour of an adorable sheep.

The Making Your Own Easter Friend kit from Poundland came with everything needed to create a little sheep friend including googly eyes and fluffy white pom-poms; the only thing needed to bring the little sheep friend to life was some glue and a child in a crafty mood.

Bug was adorable making his little sheep, concentrating hard as he sowed his little friend together.

He loved stuffing the sheep’s body with his fluffy filling that would help him magically come alive before Mama was ordered to help Bug sow on the sheep’s bottom to help the sheep stand up.

Bug got excited about seeing his sheep coming together as he stuck on its head and hair.  

He loved placing the googly eyes on the sheep's face.

Then came the time for Bug to carefully stick on the sheep’s arms.

Lastly Bug delicately stuck on white fluffy pom-poms onto the sheep’s body deciding that instead of randomly placing them on his body he would stick them in a row making the sheep look as if he was wearing a jacket with pom-pom buttons.

After an enjoyable time crafting his sheep Bug was over the moon to see his new little friend come to life and this evening he insisted on saying goodnight to his friend giving him a little kiss before proudly placing him to stand on the table.

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