Tuesday 13 May 2014

5 last minute birthday gifts that don’t look last minute.

It’s a familiar story: you intend to be on the ball with all of your birthday gifts for the year and buy them well in advance, yet in reality you leave it until the very last minute and panic over what to buy and inevitably buying something boring and uninspired.  Well, if that sounds like you then here are 5 gifts that are easy to buy at the last minute but look like you’ve put a lot of care and thought into it…

Photo gifts
Any kind of photo gift screams thoughtful and personal, so is always a great choice.  You can buy a whole world of different products with your own photos on them.  You can go for a canvas to hang on the wall, or you can even buy phone cases and placemats emblazoned with whatever photos you desire.  “But that’s not a last minute gift!” I hear you cry.  Well, actually, it is.  Many photo gift retailers can do same day despatch, so you can get personalised mugs with next day delivery, or whatever other products you fancy.

Magazine subscriptions
If the recipient has a particular interest or hobby then a magazine subscription is a great present and shows that you really know what they really like.  You might think that with the Internet and mobile devices that no-one reads magazines anymore, but you’d be wrong; just check out www.magazinesubscriptions.co.uk to see just how many different magazines you can still get.  You can pick up subscription packs in some shops or you can do the whole thing online, and all the other person needs to do is activate it and it’s all sorted.

A bottle of their favourite wine (or other favourite drink)
This does, of course, rely on said person actually having a favourite bottle of wine, and then you have to know it, or at least be able to find out what it is.  If the recipient is a bit of a wine buff, then this will go down very well as a present, and it may well be as simple as popping to a supermarket or wine shop to pick it up.  You can then listen to them tell you how it’s a snazzy bouquet that smells of basil, whilst you nod along politely even though it smells the same as every other wine.

Sign a copy of a book
If you know they have a particular hobby or interest, or have a fondness for a certain book or author, then you could buy them a copy of something you’ll know they’ll love.  You can then write a nice message on the first page and sign it so they’ll always remember it was off you.  Again, it can be as simple as popping to a bookstore to pick up a book or order online where you can often get next day delivery.

Take them out for a meal
This one works best if you know the person a little better, as it can ramp the cost up somewhat, but taking the birthday boy or girl out for a nice meal is a very personal thing, particularly if it’s just the two of you.  You can book a table at a restaurant at very late notice (unless it’s a particularly fancy restaurant), so it’s a great idea if you’ve left it late to get them a gift.

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