Wednesday 14 May 2014

Pet Facts Video Infographic - Petplan.

As I’ve mentioned previously I love animals and have a fondness for pets, having always had at least one pet since I was about three years old.  Currently we have two dogs, Sassy and Trixie plus two recent new additions to the family in the form of two goldfish who Bug received as a birthday present. 

As well as treating our dogs to lots of love and attention, long walks, nutritious food and yummy treats we also ensure they receive veterinary care to keep them in tip top health and cover them with pet insurance.  When Sassy went on her great escape, disappearing for a number of days before miraculously returning home by her lonesome looking very sorry for herself and bedraggled, it was reassuring to know she was covered by insurance if the worst had happened and she had gotten injured requiring medical help.

Realising the importance of insurance for your beloved pets the UK’s favourite pet insurance provider, Petplan who specialise in pet insurance and passionately focus solely on pets, ensure they help millions of owners get their beloved pets back on their feet after illness and injury thanks to Petplan’s very best pet insurance policies and great customer service.

Petplan have created a very interesting and amusing video infographic about the array of pets they insure, highlighting facts and statistics about the pets they insure including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and tortoises.

The video highlights the stats on the type of pets Petplan insure, with a staggering 56% of dogs on their books compared to 37% of cats and only a mere 1% of rabbits being insured.  The fast-paced video infographic also showcases the breed of animals being insured with Petplan providing insurance for 95 breeds of horses including 489 Irish Draughts.

Petplan also show stats and figures for pet insurance claims in their video.  Thanks to the great insurance they provide to ensure beloved pets are cared for a number of Petplan’s pet customers have reached impressive ages, with the oldest dog being 21 and the oldest cat being 26 years young….to find out the oldest rabbit and the oldest horse take a look at the Petplan video infographic below.

The video also shows the most popular pet names for different animals from the pets they insure.   Want to know the most popular name for pet rabbits?  Watch the infographic to find out….

The animated and colourful video infographic is very entertaining, enjoyable and well worth a watch.
*  Video courtesy of Petplan *

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