Wednesday 7 May 2014

Edinburgh with the Family: What’s in Store.

The Scottish capital isn’t all about whisky, shopping and festivals, you know. Far from it, actually. Edinburgh is full of interesting attractions and sights that aren’t just suitable for adults, but for children, too, making it an excellent spot for a family mini-break this summer. 

Take a look at the family rooms available in the local Edinburgh Travelodge hotel and book yourself and the kids a well-deserved treat. There’s plenty to explore and discover that will keep you entertained for hours!

From museums and historic sites to weird and wonderful attractions, Edinburgh and the surrounding Lothians have something for everyone. Here are a few of the standout attractions that would look perfect at the top of your family’s to-do list.

National Museum of Scotland
This one is well worth a gander if you have an interest in local history. The exhibits on display delve into the history of Scotland, while also showcasing artefacts from around the world.

Edinburgh Castle
If there’s one sight you need to see as part of a trip to the city, it’s the iconic castle that looms, majestically, over the city from atop its own tor. Not only does it provide sensational views of the Edinburgh skyline, but you and the kids will also be able to explore within the castle walls, catch a glance of the Scottish crown jewels and also listen out for the eardrum-shattering one o’clock gun.

Real Mary King’s Close
Head to the Royal Mile and you’ll find a real piece of Scotland, hidden away underground. This unique attraction is as interesting as it is spooky and, while smaller children may not appreciate it because of the fear factor, older children will love it.

Edinburgh Dungeon
Sticking with the bloodthirsty macabre, the Edinburgh Dungeon is as adrenaline-pumped and scary as it is fascinating. It is here where you’ll meet some of the city’s most sordid characters of the past, including Sawney Bean and the grave robbers, Burke and Hare.

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions
It may not be as well-known as some of the other attractions in the city, but Camera Obscura has entertained visitors for years. Its optical illusions are awesome, and the kids will adore it.

Edinburgh Zoo
If you’d prefer to stick with animals rather than illusions and horrible histories, Edinburgh Zoo is the place to go. It’s even got pandas!

This fascinating attraction takes you on a journey through time and space, giving you the chance to appreciate everything from a tropical rainstorm in the jungle to the arid deserts and freezing polar icecaps. It’s definitely an attraction that’s designed for the children, but adults will enjoy seeing their kids learn as they walk around the various zones.

Step away from the city of Edinburgh and you will be met by the glorious great outdoors. The Lothians are simply beautiful, and hold many a country park, forest walk and outdoor pursuit for you and the family to enjoy if the weather holds up!  

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  1. Great ideas of places to visit! I've been to Scotland but never's a place that I'd love to go and explore x

    1. I've never been to Scotland but hope to explore Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland over the years with the family x