Saturday 10 May 2014

Saving money on clothes for our growing lad.

Along with the majority of people and family’s across the country we struggle financially.  As our family budget is tight we have to carefully juggle our finances and watch where and on what we spend our limited money on.

We try to ease our tight budget by monitoring our finances and try to save money in numerous ways, such as being economical with our bills by shopping around for the best deal and watching our electric consumption, using coupons and making use of relevant deals on shopping as well as watching our spending on food shopping and cooking homemade, inexpensive meals that give us the best value for our money.

Whilst we monitor our spending, try to save money whenever possible and do not splurge on luxuries with an ever-growing little lad the expensive of clothing him is one we cannot ignore.  To keep our spending on clothing and footwear for Bug from spiralling out of controlling so that it does not take a huge chunk out of our family finances we try to save money where we can when buying clothes and footwear for our growing lad.

Charity Shops
I am a huge fan of supporting charities by purchasing items from charity shops which also has the added bonus of helping me save money on items such as books and clothes.  I love browsing charity shops for bargains and over the years I have managed to snap up a number of fab clothes for Bug in excellent condition at bargain prices.

I must admit I do love ebay and have been a user of the site for numerous years now, browsing and bidding in the hope of snapping up a bargain.  I have bought numerous clothes plus a few shoes for Bug on ebay since I found out I was expecting and often browse the site for ‘new’ clothes to keep up the demand for larger sizes his growing body needs.  

Preloved outfit - clothing courtesy of ebay 
and hat from a charity shop.

I have always been impressed with the quality of the second hand clothing I have purchased and even after he has grown out of them they still have plenty of life left in them for another boisterous boy to wear. 

A couple of tips I have for using ebay to get bargains on clothes (or other items) is to keep in mind the postage cost and calculate it in to the total cost you would be willing to spend, look at items located near you to collect to save on postage, read descriptions thoroughly and if in doubt about something ask the seller.

I love shopping at outlet shopping centres and have managed to get some excellent buys at them over the years as they are often filled with top brands at bargain prices.  Many outlet shopping centres are designer outlets where top brands and designer stores are showcasing designer products at discounted prices, giving shoppers the chance to own designer items without having to hand over designer prices.

I have bought Bug lots of lovely clothes at outlet shopping centres and have managed to save money by doing so.  Outlet shopping centres have also been a great place to get Bug high-quality shoes from well-known brands such as Clarks at discounted prices.

Not only are outlet shopping centres a great place to get bargains on children’s clothes and footwear but with anywhere from 30 to more than 100 stores they usually have a vast variety of stores that cater for a variety of needs including men’s fashion, women’s fashion, children’s fashion, footwear, jewellery, sporting goods, toys, electrical goods and homewear.  Thanks to the bargains available tat outlet shopping centres not only has Bug been treated to new clobber but mama and daddy have also been able to treat themselves at times too without breaking the bank.  The only downside for some people is that whilst the items on offer are excellent value they are often six months to a year behind the trends and fashion, but for me personally that is not an issue.

Being limited to a tight family budget I always keep my eye open for sales and offers on items we need and especially keep a close eye on sales from brands who sell children’s clothing and footwear.  To keep up-to-date with upcoming sales I am signed up to their newsletters where often they hint at upcoming sales and provided information about when sales will be starting.  Also when out and about shopping I always take a look at the children’s clothing section to see if they have any items in Bug’s size that are on sale or on offer.

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