Thursday, 22 May 2014

Get ready for the World Cup action with Asda.

With the World Cup fast approaching footie fans are getting excited and ready for the when the World Cup finally kicks off.  To help football fans get ready for the World Cup Asda have some kicking deals.

To get the ball rolling on the excitement of the World Cup Asda have offers on Medion tablets with a preloaded football themed game to get fans in on the football action.

The Medion 10" Lifetab is also on offer - 
Was £167 Now £147 
with exclusive Super Striker 2 game preloaded.

To help fans keep connected and tuned in on the World Cup action Asda also have offers on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

For football fans who love to get warmed up ready for the World Cup action and imagine they are part of the World Cup by playing football themed FIFA games, the FIFA World Cup game (XBOX 360/PS3) is the game to get.  Gamers can snap up a copy of the game at Asda for £37 and immerse themselves in the World Cup action as they lead their team to glory.

Supporters of the England team who want to showcase their support for the England football team this World Cup season and bring some England cheer to their garden can do so with a little help from Gnorman the gnome.  Standing at an impressive 3ft Gnorman the gnome is the perfect football mascot, he is kitted out in the England kit to support the nation’s team all the way to victory.  Football fan Gnorman the gnome is available exclusively at Asda Now, in selected stores, while stocks last for £25.

When enjoying the World Cup action pop to your local Asda store or arrange a delivery of yummy food and tasty drinks to keep you and your footie fan friends and family fed and watered as you nervously enjoy the action and hope that your team is home the glory of winning the World Cup.

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