Thursday, 22 May 2014

* Sponsored video * PS Vita Lego Mega Pack.

Being a family who loves gaming, Lego and renowned characters such as Batman, Indiana Jones and Jack Sparrow from the hit films Pirates of the Caribbean we love the LEGO games franchise which combines our love of gaming, Lego and film characters in entertaining games.

As we love the LEGO games we were excited to hear that PlayStation have created the PS Vita Lego Mega Pack.  The PS Vita Lego Mega Pack consists of six top games for one price, giving gamer’s incredible gaming and great value for their money.

The LEGO games Batman, Batman 2, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars are all included in the PS Vita Lego Mega Pack.

Get the PS Vita Lego Mega Pack to unleash the fun of LEGO games.

*  This post was sponsored by PS Vita *

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