Monday 16 June 2014

SuperFruit!! - Mighty Moments challenge Plum Baby/Tots100.

Bug is a huge fan of Superheroes.  He loves Spiderman, Batman and Superman in particular and loves nothing more than wearing a piece of clothing (or a whole outfit) with one or more Superhero emblazoned on it.  Being a fan of Superheroes he also loves to imagine that he is a Superhero…..flying along to save everyone with his cape flapping in the wind.

As Bug loves Superheroes when I heard about the Plum Baby Mighty Moments competition with Tots100 where little ones are challenged to make a healthy superhero with healthy powers, I knew he would love to get involved and be creative to make his own healthy Superhero.

After a little chat about being healthy Bug decided that he wanted to make a healthy Superhero with healthy powers using fruit.  Combining his love of fruit and his love of Superheroes Bug created SuperFruit!!  - the fruity, healthy Superhero who has healthy super powers.

SuperFruit’s Healthy Super Powers are –
*  Flight – he is able to fly high and fast, soaring amongst the clouds on the hunt for little girls and boys who could do with a healthy treat
*  Energy Giver – he gives children lots of energy to master Mighty Moments and have lots of fun
*  Growth Powers – SuperFruit helps make children big, big, big…….helping them grow big and strong
*  Healthy Boost – he give children a health boost and helps make children healthy by packing a fruity, vitamin fuelled punch of healthy goodness

Bug had a Mighty Moment making his SuperFruit and especially enjoyed eating lots of yummy fruit afterwards…..actually I should say during as his SuperFruit Hero did have fruity arms that somehow disappeared before SuperFruit modelled for his photograph.

*  This post is our entry into the Tots100/Plum Baby Mighty Moments challenge *


  1. Hahaha....I love that his arms disappeared before the photo! He's brilliant - I'll watch out for him flying past :D