Monday 28 July 2014


Bug is a little Mini-Daddy. Bug loves his daddy so much, looking up to him and wanting to copy his daddy from having the same clothes as daddy to joining him in his interests. 

Recently Bug and Daddy have been enjoying special time together enjoying Daddy's interest of playing football. They have had many an enjoyable afternoon playing ball together with Bug mastering his footie skills as he scores goals galore.

Bug is also fascinated with his daddy’s amateur interest in skateboarding. He loves watching his daddy skateboard and gets excited when we sit and watch in wonder the skateboards show off their skills at the local skateboard park. As Bug has a keen fascination with skateboards Daddy has already been looking at skateboards for Bug.  Even though he is a too little right now for some skateboards Bug loved the Monster Skateboard he saw when Daddy was browsing the Skate Hut website and has demanded asked to have a Monster Skateboard when he is bigger like Daddy.

As we are yet to get Bug a skateboard he still wants to look like a mini skateboarding Daddy and copy the style Daddy has when he is skateboarding. At the moment top of Bug’s wish list of clothes and shoes that he wants is a pair of DC trainers so that he has a pair of DC’s just like his Daddy. His favourite DC trainers at the moment that he wants, wants, wants (please Mama) is the colourful DC Spartan High-Top Kids Skate Shoes in Black/Rasta.

These are just a couple of the interests that Bug and Daddy share and enjoy together. I love seeing them enjoy similar interests and it is a joy to see the excitement in Bug’s face as his Daddy teaches him new skills. There is something special about seeing my two special boys having quality time together. The only downside to Bug enjoying a number of his Daddy’s interests and wanting to be a mini-Daddy is that Mama will inevitably worry about Bug getting hurt when he starts to skateboard and part-take in other action sports.

Images courtesy of Skate Hut.
* In collaboration with Skate Hut *

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