Tuesday 12 August 2014

Decorating Bug's bedroom Disney style.

When we found out we were expecting Bug we were excited about creating a unique nursery for our little baba. As both Lee and I love animals we soon settled on an animal theme for the nursery which we thought would be a great unisex design.

As Bug grew inside of me and my bump got bigger and bigger Lee worked hard on the nursery, pouring his love into creating the perfect room for his first born.  After hours and hours of painting by hand with love, sweat and tears being shed (plus a little help from mama-to-be too) Lee had created a wondrous animal themed nursery ready for when we lovingly welcomed Bug into the world.

When we moved house Bug had to sadly leave his much loved animal room behind and move into a plain new bedroom.

Unfortunately at our new property we are restricted on how we can decorate so a new wall-to-wall painted mural is not possible. Wanting to personalise Bug’s new bedroom without painting we have used colourful accessories to add a touch of colour and character to his new room. Now that Bug is older and has strong likes and his own little character, we have created his new bedroom using Bug’s own suggestions of what theme he would like and involved him in all designs of what items to get to create his new ‘big boy’ bedroom.

Being a huge fan of Disney and the Planes films we have created a colourful Planes themed room. Bug picked out a Disney Planes duvet cover and pillow set to go with the Disney Planes artwork we have dotted around the walls and the Dusty Cropper remote control Plane that proudly sits on top of Bug’s bookcase.

To finish off Bug’s Planes mad bedroom we are hoping to get Disney Planes blinds from VELUX online  to adorn the windows in his room. 

Not only will the Disney Planes VELUX blinds from the Disney and VELUX Dream Collection be the perfect finishing touches to Bug’s Planes themed bedroom but the blind’s total blackout feature will also help create the optimal sleeping conditions for Bug by effectively blocking all moonlight or sunlight.  The blackout feature will be a major bonus for light-sleeper Bug who has struggled sleeping with the extra light living in a town provides compared to when we were living in the countryside where there was no un-natural light shining into his room at night.

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  1. I love the blue on the walls in the Planes room. Do you have that color information.