Friday 22 August 2014

Family time with FAGE - #YogArtist competition.

As you may have noticed I love competitions, especially competitions where a touch of creativity is required to enter rather than simply filling in a form. I especially love competitions that inspire creative session with Bug.
As I love competitions that inspire quality family time with Bug having fun and getting creative I love the sound of the FAGE #YogArtist Competition.

Educating parents about the taste, versatility and health benefits of FAGE yoghurts FAGE have set up a Family time with FAGE campaign that also inspires parents to encourage their children to become #YogArtists by creating yoghurt inspired art.

Entrants into the competition who share their children’s yoghurt art on social media, before the closing date of Monday the 22nd of September 2014, using the hashtag #YogArtist will see their creative entries uploaded onto the dedicated Family time with FAGE Tumblr page where the best submissions selected by a panel of judges will win family days out and a spa day for mum.

For more details on FAGE’s #YogArtist creative competition take a look at the Family time with FAGE page, follow FAGE on twitter @TotalGreek or take a look at the FAGE UK Facebook page.

I can’t wait to have fun with Bug as he gets creative being a #YogArtist with a little help from the awesome #YogArtist kit FAGE sent him.

I also can’t wait to see the other creative entries from all the little #YogArtists as they let their imaginations run wild and have making yoghurt masterpieces.

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