Thursday 28 August 2014

Loneliness and the elderly - Stannah Stairlift survey.

Having grown up in a rural Welsh community where there is a strong ethos of looking after each other I grew up with the belief that helping others is important.  Thanks to my belief in helping others and a respect for others especially the elderly, since I was a child I have thought it is very important to care for the elderly.

Not only do I regularly spend time with and do my best to care for and help my elderly relatives, I also make sure to keep in regular touch with my elderly neighbours. For me personally I love spending time with elderly people; they have a lifetime’s worth of wealth to impart through their stories, are inspirational and are friendly company.

As I believe the British pensioners are valuable members of society I found the results of a recent YouGov poll conducted by lift manufacturer Stannah Stairlift to be a sad insight into how British pensioners feel.

The nationwide 2014 Stannah Silver Census revealed that a staggering number of those aged 65 and over experience feelings of loneliness despite living within one hour of a relative. The survey highlighted that it is London’s pensioners who feel the most isolated in Britain with 75% of them feeling lonely.

Unfortunately lonely elderly people are more likely to experience a decline in daily living activities, an increased risk of high blood pressure, increased feelings of depression and a greater risk of cognitive decline.

To highlight the sad reality that a large number of pensioners in Britain feel isolated, lonely and often-overlooked, Stannah Stairlift created this insightful infographic to showcase the survey’s results visually.

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