Thursday 28 August 2014

Kids First Aid Kit.

I'm sure most parents can attest to the fact that inevitability at some point children will suffer from a bump or scratch or cut.

Bug is very prone to getting minor bumps and bruises. Thanks to his boisterous behaviour his knees always have a small bruise or two and he's had the odd graze and cut in his time from falling over or from vigorous play. It is becoming a common occurrence for Bug to have a little grazed knee or elbow along with colourful bruises, in fact during Bug's first term in school he came home with 3 accident reports from injuries sustained at school. 

Having an accident prone little lad I always make sure to have a first aid kit at home ready for when accidents and injuries happen.

Thanks to Premier Healthcare and Hygiene Ltd I am ready for Bug's next injury with their Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit which is filled with all the kit needed for minor cuts, scrapes and injuries.

The Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit contains- 

* 1 steroplast 1.25cm x 5m microporous tape
* 2 sterowash - eye and wound topical irrigation solution
* 1 steroply 5cm conforming bandage
* 9 creature plasters
* Pair of vinyl examination gloves
* 1 triangular bandage
* 2 alcohol free cleansing wipes
* 1 steroplast 5cm x 5cm adherent absorbent dressing 

The compact first aid kit has 2 zipped pockets inside to keep the contents of the kit contained.

The lightweight kit has a handle on the top and base to make carrying the kit easy.

The Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit is an essential piece of kit for any family home especially homes with boisterous, accident prone children like Bug. As the kit is compact and lightweight it is also very useful for taking with you on family days out to have ready to hand just in case a little cut or scrape happens and needs tending to with a little help of the kits contents along with a loving kiss from mum or dad to magically make everything better.

* We were sent this Kids First Aid Kit for free in return for this post but all words are my own *

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  1. I dont really see the point in having a child's first aid kit -I have a standard first aid kit that has first aid for all the family -I don't need to have two first aid kits - one for the children and one for the rest of the family.