Friday 8 August 2014

Summer Hunt Activity Sheet by E-Outdoor.

We are huge fans of nature and the great outdoors. We love playing in the great outdoors, enjoying a natural childhood as we make the most of the wondrous world around us. Not only is playing in nature and the great outdoors lots of fun but it is also a fantastic learning experience.

As we love playing and learning in the great outdoors we have been making the most of the sunny weather that has been shining down on us so far this summer holidays by spending everyday playing outdoors.  Thanks to the lovely weather this summer has been the perfect time for Bug to accomplish a few more achievements from the National Trust’s 50 Things List and tick off a number of fun activities from his summer bucket list.

As well as having lots of fun outdoors playing and mastering new accomplishments, Bug has also been learning about nature and science whilst also developing his language and creative skills. Realising that summer can be the perfect time for children to explore the great outdoors, have fun and nurture their knowledge with fun learning activities, E-Outdoor have created a Summer Hunt Activity Sheet.

With six activities and an array of fun facts the E-Outdoor Summer Hunt Activity Sheet will keep children amused this summer, whilst also helping to encourage learning during the school-free weeks.  Not only does the Summer Hunt Activity Sheet inspire learning about nature, the activities also encourage reading, writing and drawings skills.  The activities are also a great spring-board for further learning, for example the Hedgehog Maze Activity could inspire craft activities such as drawing /creating a hedgehog and encourage learning about the life of hedgehogs with science activities.

You can get yourself a copy of the Summer Hunt Activity Sheet to print off to keep your children amused this summer and encourage learning with the fun activities by using the share-able PDF above or by clicking on the link here: E-Outdoor Summer Hunt Activity Sheet.

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