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Healthy lunchboxes with Capri Sun Fruit Crush juice drink - #CapriSunSchool

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With Bug now in school part-time, soon to be full-time, I have started thinking about lunchbox ideas so that when the time comes for him to have packed lunches at school he will have healthy lunchboxes and school compliant juice drinks to keep him well fed, energised and refreshed for busy, fun days learning at school.

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Being a mum new to packed lunches at school from the perspective of a parent I am slowly learning about school food and drinks standards to help me provide Bug with healthy and nutritious packed lunches and drinks that are school compliant. Whilst the internet has been a wealth of information and ideas for healthy lunchboxes perfect for school what I have struggled with is finding an alternative drink to water that is suitable for school. 

As I am on the lookout for healthy lunchbox drinks perfect for school compliant lunchboxes when I popped into our local Tesco the other day to pick up packed lunch supplies I was pleased to see Capri Sun’s Back To School Promotion in the drinks aisle. When I noticed that the new Capri Sun Fruit Crush juice drink is highlighted as being school compliant I was delighted at finding a juice drink that Bug could have at school every once in a while in place of water to give him some variety when quenching his thirst. Having found a school compliant juice drink I of course stocked up on a few boxes of Capri Sun Fruit Crush, especially when I noticed that it was on offer………I cannot resist a discount that helps me save money on items I need to buy.

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Whilst Capri Sun Fruit Crush is an attractive buy for #CapriSunSchool lunchboxes thanks to the fact that it is 100% compliant with the School Food Standards, it is also good to know that it is made with 75% Fruit Juice and 25% Spring Water, that every pouch of Capri Sun Fruit Crush counts towards 1 of your 5 a day and that it is available in 3 delicious flavours; Tropical, Apple & Pear, and Apple & Blackcurrant.

Thankfully Bug has always been a good eater, enjoying a nutritionally balanced diet that helps keep his energy levels topped up for busy, fun and boisterous play. Whilst I am lucky that I can’t complain that Bug is a fussy eater and know that he will eat his food regardless of how it is presented to him, I have noticed that when I give him food that is separated into small portions, cut into fun shapes or presented to him creatively he always enjoys it more and eats every little mouthful.

Knowing that Bug enjoys his food more when it is presented to him creatively, making it more visually appealing and the small portions easy to eat, I have been creating Bento style lunchboxes for him when we have had days out and when we have had little picnics in the garden or park. Bug loves his Bento style lunches and loves helping mummy create them. As Bug loves creating and eating Bento style lunches I plan on giving him them for his school packed lunch.

Being a novice at Bento style lunches and having limited supplies for creating them I have slowly been stocking up on supplies perfect for creaing Bento lunches with our latest Bento-esque supplies being cute little blue silicone cupcake cases and some adorable animal food picks.

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As Bug was eager to have a taste of Capri Sun Fruit Crush and test out our new animal food picks we decided on having an impromptu family day out with a Bento style lunch to keep Bug’s belly full and a pouch or two of Capri Sun Fruit Crush to keep him refreshed and hydrated. Being a huge lover of fruit Bug demanded to have a selection of yummy fruit to fill his lunchbox with.

Healthy lunchboxes, #CapriSunSchool, #cbias, #shop

Helping mummy by placing the fruit into the silicone cupcake cases and placing the food picks in amongst the bite-size fruit pieces and ham wraps so that his new little animal friends kept the food safe, Bug proudly created his Bento style lunch. Even though his lunchbox was filled with fruit galore counting towards his 5 a day Bug insisted on taking both of the Capri Sun Fruit Crush flavours we had bought, Tropical and Apple & Pear.

Healthy lunchboxes, Lunchbox ideas, Juice drink, #CapriSunSchool, #cbias, #shop

With a lunchbox filled with yummy fruit, ham wraps and Capri Sun Fruit Crush we headed out for a family day out at Folly Farm.

Healthy lunchboxes, Lunchbox ideas, Juice drink, #CapriSunSchool, #cbias, #shop

After energetically playing at the soft play area and walking around the array of animals including the giraffes and lions Bug declared he was hungry. Opting to dine al-fresco on the grass Bug munched on his ham wrap and selection of fruit.

Healthy lunchboxes, Juice drink, #CapriSunSchool, #shop, #cbias
Healthy Lunchboxes, Juice drink, #CapriSunSchool, #cbias, #shop

His Bento lunch reenergised him for lots more fun and adventures at Folly Farm and the Capri Sun Fruit Crush pouches refreshed and hydrated him. Bug declared that the Tropical drink was yummy and that he liked the Apple & Pear juice drink. Hopefully we will be able to pick up the 3rd delicious Fruit Crush flavour, Apple & Blackcurrant, soon for Bug to try.

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After a successful and fun day at Folly Farm where lots of fun was had I can attest to the fact that Capri Sun Fruit Crush juice drink pouches are convenient drinks for days out and fun on the go especially as they can fit into small spaces in your bag. Capri Sun Fruit Crush is a great, healthy alternative to water, they are refreshing and fun and perfect for keeping little ones hydrated on days out and at school.

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Not only are Capri Sun Fruit Crush pouches refreshing and tasty just as they are, they are also extra refreshing after being frozen as they turn into delicious chilled slushies as they defrost. As well as being an invigorating treat frozen Capri Sun Fruit Crush pouches are also great for putting in lunchboxes to keep the food cool and fresh.

Hopefully Bug will love his packed lunches at school, eating everything from his Bento style lunches and being refreshed from the odd treat of a Capri Sun Fruit Crush pouch on a few days a week as a tasty and healthy change to water so that he is fed and hydrated ready for lots of learning at school.

Capri Sun Fruit Crush is a fun, tasty way to hydrate your little ones and get a genuine “Thanks mum” from the kids this school year.

* This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone *

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