Monday 22 September 2014

Love Shopping? Love Sales?

I love shopping but unfortunately my bank balance does not agree with my love of shopping. Thanks the economic climate we live in, with money being very tight for our family, to be able to indulge in my love of shopping I have had to become very savvy when shopping.

So that I can satisfy my love of shopping yet watch the pennies spent so that I do not spend a fortune I have become a huge fan of sales.

Not only do sales allow me to indulge in my love of shopping so that I can occasionally treat myself to some new clothes, accessories or sparkly new bits and bobs for the house, sale shopping also helps me keep up with the constant need for new clothes and shoes for my ever-growing big boy Bug.

I must admit I love sale shopping so much that I have braved the queues and crowds at the crack of dawn during top high street sales to grab a bargain or ten on items we need. As well as being in the midst of the sale action on the high street (trying my best to avoid being battered and bruised by the crowds of sale shoppers fighting and scrambling for sale items), so that I can keep in touch with sales news to be able to take advantage of sales to get items we want at discounted prices I am also a member of a number of Facebook Groups run by top bargain hunters who share news about sales and great deals available online and in stores.

As I think sale shopping is a rather clever way to save money and buy items you need whilst being on a tight budget I am always on the lookout for new ways to keep up-to-date on sales news…….and thanks to a clever site called I have a new way to keep my finger on the pulse of the sales action so that I do not miss the sales and online bargains. is a clever site that aggregates sales from across the web into a live stream. The site is really easy to use and this handy How It Works guide makes using LoveSales easy and straightforward.

You can use LoveSales a few ways to keep on track of sales to get must-have items at sale prices. Firstly you can be inspired by LoveSales Latest Hot Sales which showcases all the sales from every brand LoveSales track. You can narrow down the items on offer by viewing male or female sales, or by searching by brand.

LoveSales also offers you the opportunity to personalise your sales feed by selecting your favourite brands so that all sales from your favourite brands will appear on the continuously updated sales feed.

On the sales feed, which will showcase sales from all your favourite brands, LoveSales feature handpicked sales items from hundreds of the most popular shops in one place with everything 25% - 75% off! You search the sales feed using the handy search tool or you can refine the selections by gender, price or retailer. You can also add any favourite items to your LoveSales list by using the add button.

LoveSales also helps you track sales on your favourite items from any website with the use of the LoveSales My List tool. You can add any of your must-have items from any website to your LoveSales list by using the LoveSales button. Your favourite items in the LoveSales list will be continuously monitored by the LoveSales shopping helpers who will alert you the instant they drop in price or go on sale.

You can separate your favourite items in your LoveSales list by creating My Boards. The boards are a very clever little addition to the site and are very useful if you are looking to keep track of when items go on sale for different people, occasions or fashion styles, allowing you to separate your favourite items of different needs and desires into their own little moodboard that can be named as preferred.

Whilst LoveSales does admittedly have a very fashion-focused feel about it the site can be used for any items from any website thanks to the handy LoveSales button, making the site perfect for an array of items including fashion, home-ware and tech.

Being a parent who has to be savvy with her money thanks to a tight budget I have also been using the site to keep track of items for children including children’s clothing and toys so that hopefully we can get Bug’s favourite items at sale prices.

A clever little feature offered by LoveSales that I really appreciate is being able to select from a choice of Price Drop Alerts so that you are notified when it drops by any amount or by 20%, by 30%, by 50% or drops to your own target price. Thanks to the Price Drop Alert you won’t have to suffer the temptation of your favourite items being on sale at a price you still can’t afford as you will only be notified when it hits the price drop amount you have selected.

LoveSales is a clever concept and a great tool for helping you never miss a tool and hopefully save money on your favourite items. The clean-cut style of the site gives you all the pricing information on your favourite items in a straightforward way; highlighting original price, target price, current price and current saving, so that you can clearly see what savings are currently on offer on your favourite items to help you make the choice of whether to buy or not.

The best bit about the site is that it is totally free!!

LoveSales is a clever tool that creates a money saving bridge between you and your online shopping, helping to keep you in the know of when your favourite items drop in price so that you save money and get the best price on your favourite items.

LoveSales is perfect for helping fashionista’s save money on the perfect pair of shoes or little black dress they can’t live without and have been lusting after but can’t quite afford at full price. Whilst the site may not have been promoted as such I have also found LoveSales to be very useful for tracking children’s items, making the site very useful for saving money on children’s clothes and toys which will come in very handy for upcoming Christmas and future birthdays.

LoveSales is helping us keep in the know of when prices drop on our favourite items and with a little gentle hinting thanks to my LoveSales Birthday Wish List board hopefully it will help Lee treat me twice as much on my upcoming birthday.

To find out more about how LoveSales works check out their How It Works Guide. LoveSales also offer fashion and beauty news, #SalesoftheDay news and access to special checkout codes on the LoveSales Facebook page, on their @lovesalesdotcom Twitter account and on the LoveSales Pinterest account.

* In collaboration with LoveSales *

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