Thursday 25 September 2014

Trunki BoostAPak review.

Now that Bug is in school I have joined the crowds of parents on the school run dropping off and picking up their children every week day. Even though we have a car we rarely have access to it during the school run thanks to daddy needing it for work so we often have to walk to and from school.

Whilst it is lovely to walk to and from school Bug for the school run with Bug telling me all about his school day as we walk, I must admit I am not really looking forward to braving the weather when the rain and cold weather hits us during Autumn and Winter. Kindly we have been offered a lift from a fellow family who passes our home on the school run on a number of occasions but lacking a car seat for Bug we have had to decline the kind offer even when it has been raining and we have a long walk home to face. As it is unpractical to lug Bug’s large and heavy car seat to school to be able to get a lift home for now walking the school run is what we have to do come rain or shine.

But that is all about to change thanks to Trunki who came to the rescue with the chance to review the BoostAPak.

Trunki’s BoostAPak is a backpack and car booster seat combined.

As I’ve always admired Trunki and their gorgeous, ingeniously designed  products I was delighted at the chance of reviewing a Trunki product and when Bug saw his new big boy car seat that could also be used as a backpack he was over the moon too.

The design is funky, with the addition of bright green adding a touch of colour and fun to the otherwise black and grey BoostAPak. 

Bug thinks the green is fun and loves the cute little green ears that add a touch of fun and character to the BoostAPak.

It also features an I.D label on one of the little ears so that little ones can declare it as theirs. The addition of an I.D label would also be great for use when travelling especially when at airports.

The BoostAPak also features high visibility reflective trim to help towards keeping you safe and visible if you need to walk in the dark.

The BoostAPak is slightly larger than other backpacks it is lightweight and portable and Bug at the grand old age of 3 and a half years old has no issues carrying it and very comfortable for an adult to carry too.

As well as being a booster seat the BoostAPak is also a backpack with a large compartment inside with two compartments that holds 8 litres of stuff, being 40 x 36 x 16 cm in size.

The inside compartment opens and closes thanks to the bright green zips with little Trunki logo zip pulls.

The large compartment holds a great deal of stuff inside, being perfect for all journey essentials needed when travelling. Thanks to the tough exterior all contents placed inside of the backpack are well protected.

Thinking of the fact that children are often associated with mess – sometimes sticky mess – the designers of the BoostAPak have created it with wipe-clean material so that any mess can be cleaned with ease. The addition of wipe-able material is perfect for mopping up and cleaning spilt drinks, sticky fingerprints and leftover treats left by little ones.

Thanks to the informative instruction booklet the BoostAPak is easy to use as a booster seat, helping parents ensure it is correctly installed in the car and that the child is buckled in correctly and securely which provides great piece of mind to parents so that they know their little ones are safe and secure using the BoostAPak as a booster seat. 

As well as the through information booklet the BoostAPak also features a quick installation guide and safety details on the backpack itself for quick reference so that you can double check all safety measures are being followed.

If like me you like to double check and make sure you are fitting it correctly and safely you could take a look at the Trunki BoostAPak Installation Demo video.

Bug loves his new big boy car seat and says the booster seat is very comfortable and soft to sit on. 

The booster seat is made more comfortable for children thanks to the great attention to detail within the design with the designers creating a little cover for the Velcro on the seat (that secures the booster seat’s backrest when not in use and folded up as a backpack) so that the Velcro does not irritate the child’s skin especially when they are wearing shorts or a skirt.

Bug loves it when he gets an opportunity to sit on his BoostAPak booster seat and finds it enthralling to see it transform from a backpack to a booster seat with the side rests and padded back rest flipping up to create his seat. The durable side rests lift up or fold down using the bright red buttons that need to be clicked. When not used as a booster seat the side rests fold down under a flap on the backpack.

The BoostAPak is a genius idea and I love the clever design of being a backpack and booster car seat all in one.
For us personally the BoostAPak is perfect for our needs and is especially handy for us when we are offered a lift to or home from school to save us the long walk on the school run. 

It is also great for spontaneous trips out with family and friends when Bug’s normal car seat is not to available, being lightweight and portable enough that we can take it with us on the bus to visit family so that we have a car seat for Bug at the other end to go in their cars out and about making visiting family a lot easier.

I love the portability of the BoostAPak and I think it is perfect for families whose children often take lifts with family and friends and very useful for holidays to save you from having to hire car seats for your rental car abroad. 

To see all the other gorgeous and genius Trunki products check out the Trunki website, follow @Trunki on twitter and check out the Trunki Facebook page.

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