Monday 15 September 2014

Toddlers Take Over Hyde Park Speakers' Corner.

I love Ella’s Kitchen and have done since Bug was going through the weaning stage and trying their tasty First Tastes pouches. I appreciate their tasty and healthy food for little ones and I love their fun attitude towards providing the best for little ones. As I love Ella’s Kitchen and their refreshing appreciation of the wonder of little ones I wanted to share with you all about a fun Ella’s Kitchen event that I wish I could attend but unfortunately live too far away to do so.

 Ella’s Kitchen® brand opens first ever Little Speakers’ Corner for tiny toddler debates

Tomorrow, talkative toddlers will be voicing their opinions on everything from sibling rivalry quibbles, to their favourite lunch time nibbles, with the launch of the first ever ‘little’ Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.

A tiny toddler-friendly version of the iconic Hyde Park debating spot, Little Speakers’ Corner has been launched by Ella’s Kitchen to give passionate little onges the chance to be heard. By letting them take over Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner, Ella’s Kitchen is inspiring toddlers to stand up for good snacks and say a big NO in protest to unhealthy, bad nibbles.

Children will be able to stand proud on their toy boxes (instead of soap boxes), and shout about what really matters to them. They will be starting a revolution by little ones, for little ones, through which they will inspire fellow toddlers across the UK to revolt and start an important mini movement.

Children’s TV presenter Jen Pringle from Milkshake will be on hand to excite our little revolutionaries to stomp around with mini protest placards, wave their revolutionary flags, and speak out loud on tiny megaphones to demand attention in Hyde Park.

The BIG Snacking Revolution was formed to celebrate the launch of the new Ella’s Kitchen organic snacking range which features ten deeelicious + healthy snacks for toddlers, offering little ones best in class nutrition with no compromise on taste.

Paul Lindley, Founder of Ella’s Kitchen and Ella’s dad comments:
“At Ella’s Kitchen, we are always inspired by all the funny, silly and insightful things little ones have to say. They have such endless curiosity and incredible imaginations; we love hearing their thoughts and they have a big part to play in everything we do. So we can’t wait to hear what they say at Little Speakers Corner.  We’ll be sure to take note!”

Ella’s Kitchen’s Little Speakers’ Corner opens to the public for one day only on Tuesday the 16th of September 2014 at 11am, at the Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner entrance, and is free of charge for parents and little ones to participate in.

To find out more, start your own little revolution and watch the mini Ella’s Kitchen revolutionaries in action, visit

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