Monday 15 September 2014

#YogArtist Bug - Family time with FAGE.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the FAGE #YogArtist competition where parents are inspiring their little ones to have fun and get creative as a #YogArtist making yoghurt masterpieces to be displayed on the FAGE #YogArtist Tumblr gallery in the hope of winning a family day out and a spa day for mum.

With his own little #YogArtist kit to hand courtesy of FAGE Bug set about creating yoghurt art.

Bug was very excited about using the all the fun bits and bobs in his #YogArtist kit, being especially excited about the little pots filled with yummy healthy yoghurt toppings to help him create his yoghurt masterpieces.

Bug was most excited about his new little red apron that declared his status as a #YogArtist

His first #YogArtist creations consisted of Total Greek yoghurt mixed in with raisins, dried cranberries, dried apricots, chocolate curls, almonds, coconut sprinkles and granola.

He had so much fun creating his tasty yoghurt treat and has asked if we can make yoghurt pots with sprinkles to go in his lunchbox for packed lunches.

After creating his pots of yoghurt and tasty sprinkles Bug set about creating his #YogArtist masterpiece.

Using a layer of Total Greek yoghurt, a dried apricot, a fresh strawberries, almonds and honey loop cereal Bug created his yoghurt art……a cute little face.

If you fancy having fun and getting creative with your little ones, inspiring them to be a #YogArtist there is still time left to enter the Family time with FAGE #YogArtist competition as it does not close until the 22nd of September 2014. Good luck!

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