Saturday 11 October 2014

Seconds Matter to someone living with arthritis.

Tomorrow, Sunday the 11th October 2014, is World Arthritis Day 2014.

Having witnessed my mum and other loved ones dear to my heart suffer with arthritis, seeing the impact the condition has on their lives I support any campaigns that aim to raise awareness of arthritis.

To celebrate World Arthritis Day 2014 and raise awareness of the condition that affects more than 10 million people of all ages across the UK, Premier Care in Bathing created an arthritis awareness video called ‘Seconds Matter'.

In their video Premier Care in Bathing highlighted how arthritis can affect how quickly and easily suffers can do everyday chores by simulating what it would be like to live with arthritis for a day. To showcase how arthritis affects suffers they demonstrated the differences between an able-bodied person getting ready for the day ahead and a non-able-bodied person struggling with the difficulties that arise when trying to getting ready for the day ahead.

The ‘Seconds Matter’ video cleverly portrays the important message of how arthritis affects suffers by showcasing a set of twins as they start their day; one twin free to move as normal and the other twin wearing an ‘arthritis suit’ which simulates stiff, aching limbs. The video which has a strong impact compares the effortlessness the ‘able bodied’ twin had getting ready for the day to the struggle the ‘non-able-bodied’ ‘arthritis suffering’ twin had getting ready.

As well as raising awareness of arthritis with the video which highlights the struggles people with arthritis endure on a daily basis, Premier Care in Bathing have also produced a series of blog posts that not only aims to raise awareness of arthritis but also hopes to give suffers of arthritis helpful resources that could benefit them once they have been diagnosed.

The most important aim of the ‘Seconds Matter’ video is to raise money for Arthritis Care which is a user-led charity that supports people with arthritis. To support the great work that Arthritis Care do you can donate to them here.

Take a second to help raise awareness of arthritis and spread the word that ‘Seconds Matter’ to suffers of arthritis.

* Video courtesy of Premier Care in Bathing *


  1. I suffer with arthritis & have done since I was 11 years old so don't know much difference apart from as I get older of course it gets much harder. I'm pleased to see videos like this one as in the long run hopefully they will help people to understand.

    1. Bless you it must make life so difficult.I think raising awareness is so important.