Friday 10 October 2014

Halloween Books from Little Tiger Press.

At the grand old age of 3 and a half years Bug is starting to take notice of Halloween goodies in stores. Whilst Bug is a little fearful of the very scary Halloween decorations and outfits he loves the kiddy friendly and fun fancy dress outfits and decorations.  He is also taking a strong interest in the yummy Halloween themed treats that adorn the shelves in the shops.

With Bug starting to take more of an interest in the fun of Halloween and being a keen little bookworm he was delighted when Mr Postman recently arrived one morning with a couple of Halloween themed books that had swiftly made their way to us from Little Tiger Press.

Halloween Sticker Activities

Being an avid fan of stickers of all kinds Bug was over the moon with his new Halloween Sticker Activities book.

He happily peeled off the Halloween themed stickers from the two double pages filled with stickers before sticking them on the various pages within the book.

The book also includes fun puzzles and colouring pages for little ones to display their creativity on.

The book is fun for little ones and is aimed at children aged 3-6 years. It is a great children-friendly introduction to Halloween and the puzzles, stickers and colouring pages are great fun for children.

The Halloween Sticker Activities book retails for £4.99. The book can be purchased online directly from the children’s book publishing company Little Tiger Press.

Five Little Ghosts

Five Little Ghosts written by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Julia Woolf is a colourful and adorable little Halloween themed book for children aged 1-4 years.

The book is a board book made from a thick and sturdy front and back cover with robust cardboard pages inside. Thanks to the sturdy pages little hands can easily turn the pages of the book to follow the adventures and capers of the Five Little Ghosts.

This story book is very colourful with brightly coloured and fun pictures that are eye-catching and perfect for capturing the imaginations of little ones. Bug loves the pictures and the friendly and fun little ghosts.

Five Little Ghosts is a fun story for little ones to enjoy and features a rhyming rhythm throughout the book that amuses Bug. The book is a great child friendly book that conveys the fun of Halloween.

Even though the book is Halloween themed as Bug loves the fun, quirky and cute story so much the book has been designated a spot on Bug’s book shelf to be read and enjoyed all year round.

Five Little Ghosts can be bought on the Little Tiger Press website for £5.99.

Little Tiger Press also have another Halloween title perfect for little bookworms to enjoy this Halloween – I Want to be a Witch which is aimed at little ones aged 3-6 years and can be bought on the Little Tiger Press website for £6.99.

These lovely Little Tiger Press Halloween themed books would be a great gift for little ones this Halloween, being a great alternative treat to sweets and Halloween themed snacks.

Little Tiger Press have a wide range of children’s books for all ages covering a range of genres on their website

* Bug was kindly sent these Halloween themed books from Little Tiger Press for free to review * 


  1. Have been intending to buy some Halloween books for my little girl - some great ideas here!

    1. I love seasonal themed books. They were a hit with Bug so your little girl might enjoy them too :)