Thursday 2 October 2014

TOMY Chuggington StackTrack™ Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set.

Bug loves trains. He loves playing with trains and loves watching TV shows showcasing train adventures, with Chuggington being his favourite TV show. Bug loves watching the adventures of the young novice railway trains Wilson, Brewster, Hoot, Toot, Koko and Piper as they ride the rails, learn about working together and learn valuable lessons in the fictional town of Chuggington.

Being a huge fan of the British animated television series Chuggington Bug was over the moon when he was sent a TOMY Chuggington StackTrack™ Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set to test out for this review.

This year top children’s toy and nursery product creator TOMY have introduced a range of Chuggington Die-Cast StackTrack playsets that feature revoluntionary tracks that are built with optimum stability and sturdy connections. The new StackTrack playsets can be built in multiple ways for fun play and each set can connect together, with children being able to stack their tracks on top of each other… fact there is no limit to how high you can go!

The Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set comes with two trains, Cormac Conrad and Chuggineer Brewster.

Additional Chuggington Die-cast StackTrack trains can be bought, retailing from £4.99. Bug was fortunate enough to be sent another Chuggineer, Fletch to join Brewster on this Big Build playset.

The box showcases the fun features of the playset, including the fact that it can be built 4 ways, has a working escalator and how the crane can be used to repair the trick bridge.

The playset comes boxed with the train tracks separated ready to be put together in 1 of the 4 ways the playset can be built. Being an instructions-reading kind of girl I appreciate the easy to understand instructions that came with the playset and the fact that the parts were labelled with the part number/code.  The instructions feature detailed directions on how to build 1 of the 4 constructions, with the other layouts being shown in pictures.

As an adult I found the playset was easy to put together and love that each piece of the track is very well made, easy to connect and remove, and most of all that the set is very sturdy when built which is great for fun, vigorous play. So far Bug has been able to put most of the tracks together himself but always asks for help with telling the different tracks apart, the escalator and the hills but as he gets older and with practice I am sure he will be a pro at putting together the StackTrack playset, being able to build it (and hopefully stack more tracks on it when we expand his collection) all on his own.

I also appreciate the fact that the playset does not take up too much floor space, which is handy if you are tight on space and love the fact that the set can be expanded with other playsets without taking up more floor space thanks to the fact that the tracks stack on top of each other. The only little niggle I have found with this playset is that sometimes in the different layout the towers that elevate the tracks are not always that secure and with very vigorous play sometimes they can come apart from the track but Bug imagines that this is part of the construction game and enjoys fixing them as he does with the rickety bridge.

The tracks are very well made and there are a variety of pieces including straight tracks, curved tracks and tracks on an angle to create hills that are secured by supportive towers which also support the elevated parts of the track.  The guard rails and tunnel rails on the curved trains are particularly handy for keeping the trains on the track when speeding around on tight curves. Bug loves the bridge which he calls the wobbly bridge and finds it amusing that it breaks and needs to be repaired with the help of the rotating crane.

Whilst Bug loves the rickety bridge and the rotating crane, which is great for lifting the trains up to the highest point of the track, Bug’s favourite feature of the playset is the escalator. Bug found the escalator easy to use, moving the trains up the escalator using the easy to turn red handle. Children need not worry about their beloved trains as they ride the escalator as it features a handy slot for trains to safely clip into.

The Chuggington Die-cast trains are very lifelike to the show’s characters which Bug loves. The trains are very well-made and are easy to manoeuvre around the tracks. The trains feature lovely detail and are very brightly coloured which is appealing to children. The trains can attach together very securely thanks to a simple push and clip mechanism which is a hit with Bug who can easily attach and detach trains together and apart.

Bug loves this set which is great for imaginative play with Bug enjoying hours of play creating his own little scenarios of the Chuggers having adventures on Brewster’s Big Build playset. As this playset has been such a hit with Bug he has other Chugginton StackTrack playsets and the other Chuggington trains on his Christmas wishlist. I love that if Santa thinks Bug has been a good boy and he gets treated to another Chuggington StackTrack playset that the Chuggington fun will be expanded and he can stack his tracks together.

I think playset is excellent and I am very impressed with the quality of the playset and the Die-cast trains. I think this playset or any of the other StackTrack playsets would be perfect for little train or Chuggington fans.

The Chuggington StackTrack Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set is suitable for children aged 3+ years and retails for £39.99 (RRP).

To learn more about the Chuggington StackTrack range of playsets and Chuggington trains take a look at the Stack Your Track website. To find out more about TOMY, keep up-to-date with TOMY news and see their fabulous range of Chuggington toys plus the great range of other fun toys and nursery products check out the official TOMY website, find them on the TOMY UK Facebook page and follow them on the @TOMYToysUK twitter account.

*Bug was kindly sent this Chuggington StackTrack Brewster’s Big Build Adventure Set to test out for this review for free, despite this all words and opinions are my own and that of my chief tester Bug *

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