Thursday 20 November 2014

Adding colour and character to our garden with Gardens2you.

I’ve written before about the fact that we are sprucing up our garden, trying to give it some much needed TLC and turn it into an attractive and tranquil space that we can enjoy. Whilst we have worked hard on improving the garden it is still very much a work in progress. As I want to liven up our garden when I was the offered the chance to review some garden ornaments from Gardensyou I jumped at the chance.

Gardens2you have a huge selection of garden ornaments, accessories and bird care products that can add colour, fun and style to any outdoor space. Loving everything garden and wanting to help people create an outdoor space that they can love and enjoy all year round, Gardens2you ensure their garden products are unique and of a high quality.

Heart shaped hanging tea light holder with red glass

I love this gorgeous hanging tea light holder which is suitable for both home and garden. The hanging ornament is a beautiful ornate bronze metal decoration with a delicately designed heart that showcases intricate filigree-esque metalwork.

The hanging tea light holder comes complete with a hook and chain, with small beautiful decorations adorning the chain from top to bottom. It measures 87cm in length and is 18cm wide at the widest point.

Inside of the heart sits a red glass tea light candle holder which is removable. When a candle is lit inside of the hanging heart tea light holder a soft, subtle light shines from the heart. During the dark winter months the delicate light shining from the hanging tea light holder adds a cosy feel to indoor spaces and it is also great for adding a touch of romance to the atmosphere. I can’t wait to use the hanging tea light holder in the garden next summer as I am sure it will look beautiful hanging in the garden offering subtle lighting as we relax in the garden of an evening.

The heart shaped hanging tea light holder with red glass would make a lovely gift at any of the year and is currently available on the Gardens2you website for £7.99.
Set of four bright coloured resin snail garden ornaments
“The perfect snail garden ornament that does not eat a thing!”

We love, love, love these cute little snail ornaments, Bug in particular has taken a shine to them and calls them his little snail friends.

The set of four snail garden ornaments feature four different designs and stand at 4cm tall, 4cm long and 2.5cm wide. The snails are made from coloured resin and are tough little snails being frost and weather resistant.

The adorable little snails are really made to a high quality and are lovely and colourful. The lovely snail ornaments are perfect for brightening up the garden, adding a touch of colour and whimsy. They look great scattered around the garden and I can’t wait to see them amongst the plants and pots we plan on having in the garden next year.

These snails would make a unique gift for gardeners and as they are so colourful and cute I think they are perfect ornaments for budding green fingered, garden-loving children.

The adorable set of bright coloured resin snail garden ornaments can be purchased on the Gardens2you website for £8.99.

Pair of garden Wren Bird ornaments

These garden ornaments are made from brown coloured resin with sturdy metal legs. The bird ornaments are frost and weather resistant and stand 6cm tall, 6cm wide and 8.5cm long.

The Wren birds are lovely garden ornaments and are made to a really high standard.  I love how realistic the Wren birds look thanks to the high level of detail. The fine detail work on the birds, in particular the feathers, is superb. The lifelike birds look lovely as pair or equally as lovely stood apart in the garden.

The Wren bird ornaments would be a lovely gift for garden or bird lovers and they are available on the Gardens2you website for £8.99.

Pair of Verdigris Cast Iron Rabbit Garden Ornaments

Made from solid cast iron these cute rabbit garden ornaments are surprisingly heavy for their size with the larger rabbit sitting 11cm tall, 10cm long and 7cm wide, and the smaller rabbit sitting a little shorter at 8cm. Both are tough little rabbits being frost and weather resistant.

The pair are very detailed and are made to a very high quality. The rabbits are designed with a lovely verdigris finish which looks great in the garden amongst nature. Like the snails and birds, the rabbits look great in the garden amongst plants and flowers. These adorable little rabbits have been a hit with Bug and thanks to the animal ornaments sent from Gardens2you he is taking more an interest than ever in gardening.

The realistic looking pair of verdigris cast iron rabbit garden ornaments would make a lovely gift for garden or rabbit lovers and are available on the Gardens2you website for £16.99.

Fairy Garden Starter Kit Set

This fairy garden starter kit comes with a medium size fairy door and a set of four mushrooms. The detailed and well-made fairy door stands at 14cm tall and 11cm wide….the perfect size for our fairy friends. 

The four mushrooms are very lifelike thanks to the exquisite detail and rich colour. The mushrooms vary in shape and size, measuring from 8cm to 12cm tall. Fairies can be attracted to these gorgeous ornaments all year round as the ornaments are frost and weather resistant.

As I love fairies I adore this cute little fairy door and mushroom set. Not only has this cute little set been a hit with me but it has also been a big hit with Bug who loves just as much as I do. Bug loves this adorable little set so much, being a little spellbound by it, that he has enjoyed a number of hours playing with it along with his little fairy toy friends imagining that they are in the fairy garden he has created for them. Being excited about upcoming Christmas it came as no surprise that Bug had Santa pay a visit to his fairy friends.

We love this set so much that we plan on adding to this little set and creating a lovely fairy garden area that will attract fairies as well as being a fun, child-friendly area that Bug can enjoy and help mummy care for as he learns about gardening.

This fairy garden set is perfect for fans of fairies and for getting children excited about the garden. The fairy garden starter set can be bought on the Gardens2you website for £19.99.

Leaf Bird Bath Feeder with Bronze Butterfly

This leaf shaped bird bath or bird feeder has lovely detail and is made with a gorgeous antique white finish. The bird bath feeder is finished off with a pair of beautiful decorative bronze coloured butterflies. This lovely garden ornament measures 30cm long, 22cm wide and 5cm deep.

This lovely bird bath feeder is a very attractive addition to the garden. It is perfect for quenching birds thirst as well as being a lovely space for birds to enjoy a little paddle to get clean – equally it is lovely as a bird feeder.

I love this bird bath feeder, the detail on the butterflies is beautiful and the bronze finish on them is a lovely contrast to the pure antique white of the leaf. The bird bath feeder is very well made, surprisingly lightweight and the leaf is wonderfully smooth to the touch. I can’t wait to see birds in our garden enjoy this bird bath feeder – hopefully they will like it nearly as much as the wren bird did!

This bird bath feeder would be a great addition to any garden and would make a lovely gift. It would be a particularly lovely gift for bird enthusiasts who want to give visiting birds a lovely space where they can feed and bathe. The leaf bird bath feeder with bronze butterflies is available on the Gardens2you website for £24.99.

Terracotta Owl Watering Sticks

Made from terracotta these owl watering sticks come in a set of four. The terracotta owl watering sticks are ideal for use outside or inside to help water plants and flowers. To water your plants and flowers pop the watering sticks in to the plants container, fill the sticks with water and leave, the sticks then over time slowly release water to nourish the plant. The terracotta sticks are 12.5cm long and are shaped to a soft point so that they can stick in pots.

Both Bug and I love these adorable and brightly coloured owl watering sticks. The owls are beautifully crafted and I love how each owl has its own design. Whilst the watering sticks are very useful for keeping plants water they are also just as lovely as a garden ornament.

The cute and colourful owl watering sticks are perfect for anyone wishing to ensure their plants are watered or for gardeners and plant enthusiasts who want to add a touch of colour and character to their plant pots.

The terracotta owl watering sticks can be bought on the Gardens2you website for £9.99.

We love all of the items we kindly received from Gardens2you and highly recommend the site and their products. If you are looking for garden ornaments to liven up your garden then Gardens2you is a must-see site thanks to their huge choice of garden ornaments and accessories to suit all styles and budgets. The site is also great if you are looking for gifts for gardeners or are looking for colourful and cute ornaments that will appeal to children to encourage them to participate in gardening.

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