Friday 21 November 2014

Christmas Lights - 320 Multi-Colour LED Net Lights from LED Hut.

I love decorating the house at Christmas.

Hanging decorations on the tree and having sparkling Christmas lights adorn the tree and living room lifts my spirits and gets me in the mood for the festive season.

Also as we believe that Christmas is for children we like to make our home extra Christmassy to make the festive holiday extra magical for Bug.

With the December nights very dark, we especially love Christmas lights to add a touch of Christmas spirit to our home and provide some light and shine.

As you can never have too many Christmas lights to make your home shine bright we were delighted to be sent a 320 Multi-Colour LED Christmas Net Lights from LED Hut.

The LED Christmas Net is huge with 320 LED lights it measures an impressive 2.4metres x 1.6metres. Thanks to a long 5 metre cable from plug to first light the net is also far-reaching which is always a bonus when hanging lights at Christmas.

We love that the net is very versatile being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whilst we haven’t used them outdoors it is reassuring to know that they feature an IP44 rating which means they are safe for outdoor use.

Not only can is it versatile for the fact that it can be used indoors and outdoors, the net can also be used to decorate in a number of ways. The net can decorate Christmas trees, walls, curtains and windows, and if used outdoors they can be draped over bushes and trees.

We love these lights. What we love the most is how dazzling and bright the multi-colour LED lights are. They provide a stunning colourful shine to our living room, helping us get in the mood for Christmas and adding some lovely atmospheric lightning to the dark Winter nights.

We also appreciate the fact that these lights come with a quality guarantee having been tested for longevity and been through a number of quality checks before being released and that they come with a free 1 year warranty. They also provide fast delivery and easy returns with a 30 day no quibble returns policy.

The 320 Multi-Colour LED Christmas Net Lights can be bought on the LED Hut website who being the UK’s largest specialist LED retailer sell a huge range of LED lighting including a vast range of other Christmas lights.

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