Friday 14 November 2014

Sk:n Clinics - Acne and Acne Scar Treatment for clearer skin.

Whilst most people may assume that spots and acne are a teenage problem the reality is that many people are affected by spots and acne throughout adulthood with acne either being teenage acne or mature acne.  I for one can attest that the assumption of spots only being a teenage problem is a false assumption, as I still suffer from bouts of acne at the grand old age of 30.

Thanks to my PCOS which gives me the unfortunate symptoms of excess hair and acne my skin never looks good. For many years I have dreamt about having flawless skin, or at the very least skin that is not plagued by excess hair, acne or acne scars.

As I would love to improve the condition of my skin, hopefully reducing the acne and scarring I have looked into being treated professionally by a dermatologist.

Sk:n clinics have over 20 years of experience in treating acne and acne scarring safely and effectively, in fact they are the UK’s leading clinics for acne and acne scarring treatments thanks to their expert medical team including consultant dermatologists.

Not only am I impressed with Sk:n’s vast experience of treating acne and acne scarring I also appreciate the fact that acne treatment is carried out by qualified skincare experts. Another important bonus for me is that the clinics are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and the Independent Health Advisory Service which is great to know as it provides reassurance that you are being treated professionally and safely. Another benefit of having acne treatment at a Sk:n clinic is their comprehensive aftercare package.

Sk:n’s acne treatment experts provide clients with a course of treatment best suited to their skin to help deliver the smooth, acne free skin they have always wanted. Treatments at Sk:n clinics for acne and acne scarring include skin peels, chemical peel treatments, dermaroller treatment and laser treatments. 

Single course treatment or multiple treatment course packages are available depending on your needs and budget. In most case people who have had a 6 week treatment programme will experience effective and long lasting results with acnes fading, scarring being significantly reduced and skin becoming clearer and smoother.

So that you can decide whether acne treatment or acne scar treatment at a Sk:n clinic you can have a free (with a Sk:n nurse) no obligation consultation to discuss treatment options for your skin type and condition.  You can book a free consultation on the Sk:n clinics website. Sk:n Clinics are based all over the UK, you can find your nearest clinic on the website.

Other treatments available at Sk:n Clinics include mole removal, birthmark removal, anti-wrinkle injections, laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal. A full list of treatments and prices can be found here.

I hope to one day have acne treatment and I would love, love, love to have laser hair removal treatment too so that I can banish my problem skin once and for all and be acne and excess hair free!

Do you suffer from acne?

How does acne and acne scarring affect your life?

Have you ever had treatment for acne or acne scarring?

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