Friday 30 January 2015

Bathtime Buddies - splishy splashy alphabet fun!

Bug has always been a little water baby.

He gets all excited when it is bathtime.

Bathtime means fun and smiles all-round.

Bathtime means splishing and splashing to his heart’s content.

Bathtime means the enjoying the wonder of water.

Bathtime means bubbles, bath crackles and bath bombs.

Bathtime means getting creative, drawing and painting in the bath.

Bathtime means playing with soapy foam.

Bathtime means playing with bath toys galore.

As Bug is a little water baby and loves bath times he would be over the moon with being a member of the Bathtime Fun Squad as a H&A ambassador.

To be in with a chance of joinging the Bathtime Fun Squad Bug was kindly sent an Alphabet set from H&A’s range of Bathtime Buddies products.

Bug was more than a little delighted with his new fun bath toy.

He loved scooping the letters out of the bubbly water as they floated around the bath.

Before sticking them to the side of the bath as he told me the letters he recognised.

He also found great joy with the water sprinkling out of the handy tub as he drained the water out of it after scooping up the letters from the water.

The set was a big hit with Bug who loved it! As Bug loves the set it is a big hit with mummy and daddy too. Not only do we love it because Bug enjoys playing with it but also because the letters seem very durable and able to withstand lots of fun water play. Another bonus is the handy tub which is perfect for storing the letters in after bathtime, and thanks to the drain holes it is easy to scoop the letters up straight from the bath and then drain the excess water out. I also love the fact that they not only provide fun but can also help Bug with letter and word recognition which is a big bonus especially now he is learning and developing his word knowledge.

As Bug has loved his Bathtime Buddies Alphabet set he cannot wait to get some other Bathtime Buddies products to try out and join him during his fun, splishy, splashy baths.

* This is our entry for the chance of being selected to be H&A Bathtime Buddies Ambassadors *

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