Saturday 31 January 2015

Little Snappers Pop Up Books by Little Tiger Press.

Snip Snap Pop Up Fun and Cheep Cheep Pop Up Fun.

As Bug is a little bookworm and loves snuggling up for story time with mummy or daddy, he is always very excited it when he gets a new book. Recently his excitement was at an all-time high when he received a parcel from Little Tiger Press with two shiny new books for him to enjoy.

Out this February from Little Tiger Press are two new books from the Little Snappers series – Snip Snap Pop Up Fun and Cheep Cheep Pop Up Fun.

Written by Johnathan Litton and beautifully illustrated by Kasia Nowowiejska, the colourful books are aimed at children aged 2-5 years. The books are both hardboard books with thick pages which are perfect for little hands and the substantial pages look durable and long-lasting.

Both books feature colourful animals, which are related to the theme of the book – jungle animals in the Snip Snap Pop Up Fun book and farm animals in the Cheep Cheep book. The books feature similar stories with a series of different animals asking who is hiding, playing or splashing behind foliage or items, but are based in different settings with animals from that location.

The books are filled will pop up animals and flaps that are great for little hands to explore, making the books perfect for engaging little bookworms. The pop up animals have been a hit with Bug bringing a smile to his face and making his little bookworm friends giggle with delight as the animals come to life. Little ones especially love the animals who have their mouths wide open and big teeth on show, being a tempting and exciting place for them to plunge their hands into. Luckily the pop up animals are very robust which is useful for helping them cope with excitable hands.

Not only are the bright illustrations appealing to children, the rhyming text is also appealing and enjoyable too. Another bonus of the books containing rhyming text is that it is great for encouraging language and speech development as children quickly pick up and learn the story, are able to repeat lines and anticipate what is coming next.

These books are lovely and very interactive, with children being able to guess animals from words, join in on the story and find out how the flaps open, making them very enjoyable for little ones. I think that these books are perfect for older babies, toddlers and young pre-schoolers.

The books are both priced at £6.99 and available from Little Tiger Press from February 2015.

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