Tuesday 13 January 2015

How to avoid house damages caused by kids.

The latest survey carried out by More Than states that the house damage caused by kids till they reach their 10th birthday may amount to £2000. Kids are more accident prone than adults but it is still quite surprising how much damage they can cause in our households.

This is quite a lot of money to be spent on various fixes and replacements.

Apart from typical issues such as having wallpapers ripped off, painted on carpets or broken windows they are plenty of other damages caused by our youngsters.

15% of parents admitted that they had their kids blocking their toilets or sinks, and the same amount has had a window smashed. 

4% of parents stated that their kids were ever so creative to set something on fire in their homes…

The research proves that 2 in 3 boys seemed to be rather hazardous to their homes, whereas only 1 in 4 girls seemed to be as hazardous in comparison.

Various domestic mishaps seemed to be caused more often by sons aged 4-10 than daughters.

No wonder that about 29% of parents saves some part of their incomes in case they kids cause some accidents in their households and 22% of them never leaves kids unattended when they are playing.

Nonetheless 25% of parents still feel they can’t buy anything delicate for their homes until they kids grow up.

If you are one of them think about preventing your house from kids caused damages. Consider entertaining your kids with washable pens and board games or simply hide the precious belongings for some time until they grow up. 

If you have quite unpredictable and energetic kids you may consider getting accidental damage insurance. Check out More Than home insurance accidental damage cover to see what can be covered through their insurance. The cover will help you cover the repairs or replacements you will need to have in your house and can be optionally added to your regular home insurance.

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